About VBS

Why Choose us?

Vodafone Business Solutions (VBS) is driven to empower you to help nourish and grow your business with innovative and market-led products.

Providing unmatched telecommunications solutions is very important to us as we believe being better connected to your stakeholders builds trust and positively affects your bottom line. VBS is always there to support your business to make the best investment in communications.

Client Testimonials

Providing a safe solution for a major mining company

"Vodafone Business Solutions ensured our workers stay safe which is important in our line of work. Being in this industry, we need to communicate efficiently to get the results. VBS truly takes the problems of its clients and simply makes them go away" 
Reineir Schnieder 
IT Manager

The Solution:

African Mining Services needed a network that will provide adequate and reliable network coverage in all the areas they operate in. With VBS, they were able to contact and reach their partners and employees in Ghana and beyond instantly. Vodafone Business Solutions also provided mobile handsets that made communication easy between their workers even if they were deep within the mines.

Creating a solution which helped an SME bank be more transparent

"A targeted solution changed the way we worked and how we communicated with our customers. I would recommend VBS for their speed, stability, clarity of network and great deals" 
Philip Mensah 
Managing Director, 
Union Savings and Loans

The Solution:

Union Savings and Loans has six branches across Accra, Takoradi and Kumasi and the nature of their operations required them to improve their internet connectivity to deliver the best service to their customers. Vodafone Business Solutions provided solutions that went beyond their expectations. 
For instance, because a lot of their clients use their vehicles as collateral, VBS set up a vehicle tracking service which allows them to pinpoint the location of the vehicles at any time. VBS also helped streamline their susu collection, making it very transparent to their stakeholders.

Helping a major bank reach the unbanked population cost-effectively

"Traditional banking remains out of reach for many in South Africa due to factors such as logistics, cost and lack of financial literacy and compatible products, so mobile devices offer rich potential to deliver financial services to the under-served population." 
Andy Higgins 
Innovation Champion, 
Head of Pre-Sales, 
Africa, Vodafone 
Global Enterprise