Dedicated Internet Lite




Dedicated Internet Lite

This is a new product designed for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) who are ready to operate efficiently on our most extensive state of the art fixed network. Being a Ready Business means having a constant, reliable and uninterrupted connectivity that allows you to run your business at affordable cost.


  • Unlimited access There are no restrictions on monthly usage with unlimited downloads and uploads (no data volume cap). The service can be delivered to you anywhere in Ghana via fibre, radio or copper as last mile media options 

  • The right Speed for your business It uses the Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line technology which ensures that your download and upload speeds are the same. The service guarantees you with the specified speed on the Gold and Silver packages during peak hours with the added benefit of being able to enjoy twice your guaranteed speed during your off peak hours

  •  Reliable Service The service is highly reliable with excellent after-sales support offered by a dedicated network operations centre which runs on a 24/7 cycle


  • Silver – 512 kbps (burstable to 1Mbps)***
  • Gold - 1 Mbps (burstable to 2Mbps)***


How to activate the service

To subscribe for this service contact any Vodafone Account Manager, call 0302 334040 

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