Ready Office

A Ready Business gets all the right tools in a single package



Get the best all-in-one solution for your start-up business. The Ready Office package gives you the opportunity to own all the essential voice and Internet communication tools for easy work flow. This offer consists of Smartphones, Mobile Desk Phones, Routers plus lots of data to browse, minutes to call local and international numbers all at a minimal monthly fee.


You can also subscribe to Google Apps for Businesses. Now your email addresses can be personalised with your business name, secure your data in the cloud and work more collaboratively with your colleagues on the same documents at the same time from different locations.





  • Free calls between Fixed & Mobile 

    • We understand that communication must be seamless regardless of which platform you communicate from. Ready Office has the unique feature of not just allowing your employees to communicate on their mobile lines for free but also allows for free communication between your fixed and mobile services

  • Predictable Expense

    • A Ready business works efficiently. That is why Ready Office provides one price for data, mobile and fixed services. Now you can efficiently predict what your communication spend will be

  • One Bill

    • A Ready Business wants to pay their communication bills once regardless of the number of different services they have signed up for. Ready Office gives you one bill for mobile, data and fixed services we provide.


Visit any Vodafone shop or call 0302-334040 to choose a package now


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