Corporate internet solutions

Leased lines


No matter the size of your company, our virtual private networks allow your employees at different locations to share information and other business applications through secured circuits.


  • Controlling and reducing costs
  • With all your employees on one network, you know exactly what’s being spent. 
  • There aren’t any surprises or additional inter network connection costs.

Quality of service 

Enjoy our secure, reliable and ever expanding network coverage.

Customer service

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will promptly address any problems or issues you have with this service.


  • Runs on a dedicated and converged IP/MPLS network
  • Can be delivered in Layer 2 or Layer 3 modes
  • Can be offered through a mix of copper, radio or fibre media.
  • Private and secure connectivity 
  • Supports multiple types of applications such as Data, Voice & Multimedia.
  • Highly scalable bandwidth to provide for future growth in size and volume of the customer business

Dedicated internet


This offers medium and large scale businesses hi- speed connection to the internet.


  • Undisrupted internet access
  • Send and receive emails and access information off the web at superfast speeds

Customer service

Enjoy excellent after sales service with our network operations centre and a dedicated account manager


  • Runs on a dedicated and converged IP/MPLS network
  • Can be provided on SAT-3, WACS or both
  • Served from bandwidth capacities from 256Kbps and scalable to various STM capacities per customer’s requirement

Enterprise broadband


Enterprise broadband gives your business high speed internet access on your fixed line.


  • Your business is always connected
  • Make calls and browse the web at amazing speeds from your fixed line
  • Choose the plan that suits your business
    • You can choose between the DOWNLOADER & OFFICE plans. 
      • The office plan comes with a MIFI that serves as a backup in the unlikely event that the service is down.

Flexible and easy installation

It doesn’t take long to get your business online as the equipment at your offices are preconfigured. 

Great customer service

Not only do you get a great product, we keep up to ensure that It’s delivering great service.


  • This is a shared service that works on XDSL technology
  • Customers enjoy both voice and data services on the same fixed line.
  • It is delivered on Vodafone’s nationwide fixed network
  • Very high monthly data allowance with fair usage policy attached.
  • It is a prepaid service that runs on a 30-day monthly cycle.



When you need to connect your outposts across the globe, we will set you up with international private leased circuits which enable voice, multimedia and file transfers in real time.


  • Reduce business costs:
  • Now you don’t have to keep scrambling trying to keep track of and pay different international tariffs, with IPLC, you save your business some money by connecting to your international office on one reliable and affordable network.
  • Take important decisions when you need to:
  • In the business world, you need to make split second decisions, the service allows you to communicate with your partners in real time, no matter where they are.

Customer service:

Enjoy excellent after sales service with our network operations centre and a dedicated account manager.


  • Works on a global IP/MPLS network
  • Tailored configurations per customer requirements
  • Offered for minimum capacity of 2Mbps/E1/T1 and highly scalable to STM capacities

Corporate WIFI services


Enjoy wireless connection to the internet via wireless devices with any one of our packages. 


  • Work from anywhere:
  • Who says you have to work from the office? With reliable wireless access to the web, you can get the job wherever you go.
  • No maintenance required:
  • There’s no cost to your business when you pick up any one of our wireless devices.
  • Use the service; we’ll take care of the rest:
  • No need to worry about managing the use of the service, we will deal with that remotely from our offices.


  • Wireless LAN - This is a Wireless Local Area network solution for businesses that do not want to be on a wired network. It provides a lot of mobility so employees can work anywhere within the open office space.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot - This is ideal for environments that seek to attract and retain customers. They are usually equipped with a lounge, dinning or waiting areas. 
  • Customers can browse the internet, send emails or get onto their social network platforms while they wait to be served.
  • Meshed Wireless - This is a highly scalable wireless solution for very large environments such as schools, hotels, airports and shopping malls. Customers are provided with a very wide and continuous coverage of service irrespective of where they find themselves.
  • A number of access points are set up in master and repeater modes to fully cover the area. 
  • All these Wi-Fi Services are centrally managed and can have commercial features depending on customer requirements

Last mile redundancy services


Just to make sure that you enjoy uninterrupted internet service for your business, we provide alternate

For fixed line customers who simply cannot afford any disruptions in their internet service, we provide back-up solutions in the event that the main service line is interrupted.

Always on

You are assured of reliable internet connection 24/7.

Customer satisfaction

You can conduct your business transactions and reach your clients whenever, wherever.

Your revenue stream never runs dry.

With these services, you will never lose a day of business.


  • Available for Leased Lines, Dedicated Internet and IPLC customers.
  • Delivered via copper, radio/microwave and optic fibre media.
  • Seamless operation between primary and secondary circuits
  • Geo – redundancy is also available for customers with disaster recovery requirements

Managed and hosted services



With Toll-Free Service, your customers can call your business when they need to, from wherever they are—easily, conveniently and at no cost to them.

Customer service

Customers can call your business for free and share their issues which you can address promptly.

Marketing opportunities

This service can be used to share product information with customers 

Increase revenue 

Customer requests and feedbacks are fodder for the generation of innovative products and services that will increase profit margin.


  • Single access link for business customers (One number across the globe)
  • Provides local & international access
  • Web enabled click to dial access
  • Direct callers with helpful announcements and call back response
  • Welcome announcement branded on hosted platform 
  • Monitor traffic
    Monitor toll-free traffic activity in near real-time

Audio and Video Conferencing


Vodafone hosted teleconferencing solution allows you to hold meetings, synchorise business strategy and share information with your employees or partners in real time no matter where they are.


  • Save money
  • You don’t spend money calling people one at a time; reach all your stakeholders with one call. The system is also hosted by us so you don’t have to pay for managing the service.
  • Get an edge over your competitors.
  • Stay ahead by making quick decisions on your business strategy.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • By sharing information from other markets you can improve your business in a given market and enhance customer experience.


  • Web-based Moderator Account Administration
    • Require a moderator to start the conference
  • Web-based Moderator Conference Control
    • Specify that a participant be called and added to the conference call.
    • Specify that all participants be called and added to the conference call.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Moderators can schedule conferences through the MS Outlook meeting  scheduler. Participants can receive conference notifications in their MS Outlook calendars.

On-demand conference call set-up

  • No specific time slots or platform resource reservations are required for conference call set-up.

Online control panel 

  • The online control panel lets you see how many people are on the call, whether they are muted or not, and when new people come on the call

Virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange)


This is a service that allows a company to have telephone extensions on both mobile and fixed numbers in their offices. It allows calls from clients or customers to be transferred to whoever they wish to speak to instantly.

Customer care

Customers have direct access to whoever they want to reach in your company.

Information sharing and collaboration

Employees can communicate and work together easily.

Cost effective and flexible

The Vodafone virtual PBX solution can easily be linked into an existing PBX and can be set up in a few days. The initial set-up cost for the Vodafone hosted PBX is flexible and affordable.


  • Auto Attendant
  • Extension dialling
  • Hunt groups

Broadband telephony service


Our broadband telephony service allows you to make calls over the internet. So if your company has internet access, we can create a system whereby your employees can make calls over the internet. For instance if you have sub-offices where there aren’t any phone lines or networks, you can still call your employees over the internet. 


  • No lines, no problem!
  • You can communicate with your employees in areas without phone lines.
  • Use any device to make a call.
  • This service runs on any internet enabled device, now being online means you are on line.
  • Crystal clear calls.
  • Enjoy high quality digitized voice service.


  • Email notification of message arrival
  • Rapid call return
  • Access to subscriber IVR interface from deposit menu
  • Prompt cut-through
  • Configurable greetings
  • Class-of-service definitions
  • Message Waiting Indicator

Our Fleet Manager Proposition

          Vodafone Fleet & Logistic Manager is tracking is a tracking system specially designed for fleet tracking and mobile asset management

          Monitors the car’s location control the remotely

          Sends event report should any alarm trigger

          GPS tracking device installed in car & tracking software installed on a computer

          By this installation you can have full control on your fleet and mobile asset



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