Being Ready means making the smart choice for your business

Smartchoice is a revolutionary product that is designed to give you, our customer the freedom to choose
We know that no one understands your business like you do and so with Smartchoice we allow you to choose and customize your own plans for your business. With as low as 2.50 GH¢ you can get started to move your busniess to the next level.

Benefits for you and your business

  • Easy Customisation

    Our insights tell us that each employee in your business needs a unique set of communication tools to do their work superbly. Smart Choice’s flexible customisation feature makes it possible for your employees to be fully equipped for the job at hand

  • International Connections

    As your business’ communication blurs the geographical boundaries. It needs a reliable and affordable way to keep in touch with suppliers and business partners and customers abroad and Smart Choice’s World Packages, offer your business just that.

Case Study

Sekyere Rural Bank goes the smart way

Keeping Sekyere Rural Bank’s sales team confidently connected to the office was key to their business model and with our SmartChoice Data plans, Sekyere Rural bank revolutionised Finance in the Ashanti Region

How Ready are you?

How ready are you?

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