What is Vodafone Red?

It is a valuable communication plan to put an end to your hassle and inconvenience of having different sims for different uses. Red is Ghana’s first range of weekly and monthly integrated bundles, giving you matchless value to take care of all your communication needs in one plan. RED is more than a product though.  It is a total experience. 

This Service is for Prepaid Mobile Subscribers only.

This Service is for personal use not for business.

You can sign up for the Service by dialing *200# and select your preferred offer or call the direct code for your preferred offer

Rush voice-5454                Rush Data- 5455

Super Voice- 5957             Super Data- 5958

Hot Voice- 5757                 Hot Data- 5758

Classic Data- 5859

You can deregister from the Service at any time by dialing *200# and select ‘Deregister or call 9090.

You will lose all the Service benefits when you deregister.

You enjoy rollover of specified unused allocations if you auto renew your bundle on expiry of your bundle. The rolled over allocation assume the validity of the new bundle.

Once you subscribe to this Service, you cannot enjoy the benefits of any other Vodafone tariff service at the same time. To enjoy any other Vodafone promotional offer, you will have to deregister from the current Service; by either activating the new tariff offer (by dialing the direct code number of the new offer) or unsubscribing (by dialing the de-registration code number) and then subscribing to the new offer.

You can still enjoy free night calls to other Vodafone numbers with a charge 22p/ 30 minutes from 12 midnight to 5.59am.

You can continue to subscribe for supporting offers such data packages, Blackberry packages, International packages, SMS packages, Value Added Services packages and roaming packages.

You can also subscribe unto Family & Friends while enjoying this Service.

We reserve the right to recycle numbers that are dormant for more than 180 days and sell same to other interested Subscribers. Vodafone shall not be responsible for any claims, costs, and liabilities howsoever arising from exercising its rights hereunder.

We reserve the right to send information to you via SMS to the MSISDN supplied by us. These SMS’ may be for information purposes only. We may also send notices to you by way of advertisement in a daily newspaper, SMS, or through the Vodafone Website and/or by using any other suitable means.

You accept that we may disclose or receive personal information or documents about you:-

to and from local and international law enforcement or any competent regulatory or governmental agencies to assist in the prevention, detection or prosecution of criminal activities or fraud;

to and from our service providers or any other company that may be or become our subsidiary, parent company or partner) for reasonable commercial purposes connected to your use of the mobile service or the Vodafone Service, such as marketing and research related purposes;

to facilitate our ability to fulfill legal, governmental or regulatory requirements;

We reserve the right to vary at any time with notice to you these Terms and Conditions or the Fees. Variations will be notified by way of advertisement in a daily newspaper, SMS, or through our Website and or by using any other suitable means provided that you shall be deemed to have been notified of any such variations regardless that the same may not have actually come to your attention. Any variation in fees shall become effective after seven (7) days of such publication or notice.

By partaking in any activity organized by Vodafone Red, you agree that we reserve the right to use your image, video footage and any other information captured at the said event for our publications in print, online, TV, etc

Check out the Terms and Conditions for each package below