Terms and Conditions for 2 Ghana

      ·         This offer allows you to enjoy 250 free minutes to call any Vodafone number, 12 minutes for calls to other networks, 50MB internet allowance and 20 free SMS to any Vodafone number for 3 days. 

·         This offer lasts for 2 days. It is valid till midnight of the registration date.

·         It will cost GHc2 

·         You can register on this offer by dialing 5544.  When you dial 5544 the GHc2 registration fee is automatically deducted from your credit balance. You must have a minimum credit balance of GHc2 in your main account before you can register for this offer. 

·         A charge of GHc2 is taken from your main balance as soon as you register for the offer 

·         This offer is for Prepaid Mobile Customers only. 

·         At midnight on the second day after registration, the Two Ghana offer is automatically renewed provided you have a minimum main balance of GHc2; otherwise, you will be taken off the offer. 

·        If any of the allocated minutes are exhausted before the two days, you can still call Vodafone and other networks at a rate of 11.2p/min for the rest of the period. Alternatively, you can re-subscribe and renew the 2 Ghana offer. IDD calls can also be made at standard rates.

·         You can deregister from the offer at any time by dialing 9090. 

·         You will lose all the benefits on the offer, including your remaining free minutes if you deregister from the offer or register to another offer.

·        Once you subscribe onto this offer, you cannot enjoy the benefits of any other Vodafone offers at the same time. To enjoy any other Vodafone promotional offer, you will have to deregister from the current offer; by either activating the new tariff offer (by dialing the direct code number of the new offer) or unsubscribing (by dialing the de-registration code number) and then subscribing to the new offer. 

·         While on this offer, you can still subscribe to Family and Friends. The free minutes on this offer will however take higher priority over the registered family and friends’ numbers and when the minutes get exhausted the existing Family and Friends rates will apply.  

·         You can still enjoy free night calls with the first minute charged at a rate of 11.2p.However, the free minutes will take higher priority over the free night calls.  

·         You can continue to subscribe for supporting offers such as data bundles, Blackberry packages, International packages, SMS packages, Value Added Services packages and roaming packages. 

·         If you have any other Blackberry or internet package, they will take higher priority over the data packages in the 2 Ghana offer.

·         You will pay a charge of 15p per megabyte for Data after you have exhausted your internet allowance.