Vodafone VIM

Vodafone VIM is a proposition that equips youth with knowledge and skills set, hinged on a great network offer to support them achieve their aspirations.

Every week for Ghc 3, Vodafone VIM will give customers 50GHc worth allocation for calls to all networks, 300mb data to browse the internet, watch videos and use whatsapp, facebook, you tube and other social media app they need.  

Vodafone VIM will equip people with knowledge to enhance their skills in various vocations such as: 

T-Shirt Printing (how to make designs on T-shirts)

Soap making (how to make bar and liquid soap)

Beauty (Professional makeup artistry and hairdressing)

Fashion (Design and make bags, fascinators and hats)

Baking (Bake pastries, bread and cakes)

Juice making (How to make juices and cocktails)

Décor (how to decorate for events like weddings, parties)


Vodafone VIM will provide weekly motivational messages through calls and will also come with loyalty rewards such as certified vocational training, start-up tools and capital. 

It’s easy to enjoy Vodafone VIM, simply subscribe by dialling *556# if you already have a Vodafone number or get a new Vodafone sim to subscribe. Offer lasts for 7 days.



All new and existing subscribers (Subscribers) shall, in using the service, be deemed to have consented and agreed to receive such Service on these Terms and Conditions and be accordingly bound. 

These Terms and Conditions are in addition to specific terms and conditions for each product under Vodafone VIM as well as standard terms and conditions for Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited mobile services which could be found on our website. (www.vodafone.com.gh)



“Stand Alone Packages” mean the other services of Vodafone apart from Vodafone VIM 

"the Subscriber" shall mean the person who uses the Vodafone VIM Service.

“We/Us/Our” means   Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited (Vodafone)

“You” refer to the Subscriber.


VIM Service

This offer is for Prepaid Mobile Subscribers only.

This offer is for personal use only and not to be used for commercial purposes.

This offer gives you GHC55 credit to calls all Vodafone numbers, GHC1.30 to call other networks, 300MB to browse the internet.

It also offers self-developmental tips delivered through voice calls and video tutorials on a vocational skill (Pre-defined by us) of your choice on a weekly basis out of the 7 different vocational skills made available on the offer.

This offer lasts for 7days.

You can register by dialling *556# then select a preferred Vocational skill. The GHC3.00 registration fee is automatically deducted from your primary credit balance and you will immediately have access to the offer for 7days. You must have a credit balance of GHC3.00 or above in your primary account before you can register for this offer.

After a successful registration, you will receive a message welcoming you to the offer as well as confirming the exact offer benefits and the duration of the offer.

Vodafone has put in place a quarterly loyalty packages for Subscribers subject to the conditions contained herein.

To qualify for the loyalty package, a Subscriber must stay active on the offer by viewing all tutorial videos for a continuous period of 12 weeks.  The Subscriber must send pictures and videos evidencing the practice of what has been learnt through the tutorial videos in addition to stating the reasons why the Subscriber should be considered for the loyalty package for the quarter in question to the WhatsApp number 0504000556.

An independent body of judges selected from institutions in the defined vocational sectors shall select the best subscriber per vocational skill as well as the subsequent top 15 subscribers from the entries received from Subscribers every quarter.

The best Subscriber in a quarter per vocational skill (7 in total) shall be rewarded with a fully paid professional training in their preferred vocational skill with start-up working tools. The next 15 Subscribers in a quarter per vocational skill (totalling 105) shall be rewarded with working tools.

If any of the allocated credit is exhausted before the end of the 7days, you can still call Vodafone and other networks at standard rates for the rest of the period. Alternatively, you can re-subscribe for a new Service. IDD calls can also be made at standard rates.

If you use all the data allocation before the end of the 7days, you can still browse for the rest of the period at a standard pay as you go (PAYG) rates.

You cannot subscribe to Premium Codes/Value Added Services with your bonus credit. This can only be done with your primary balance.

Once you subscribe to this offer, you cannot enjoy the benefits of any other Vodafone tariff service at the same time. To enjoy any other Vodafone promotional Service, you will have to deregister from the current offer; by either activating the new offer (by dialling the direct code number of the new offer) or unsubscribing (by dialling the de-registration code number) and then subscribing to the new offer.

You can enjoy free night calls to other Vodafone numbers with the first-two minutes being charged at 22p from the bundle allocation. You can continue to subscribe for supporting offers such data packages, Blackberry packages, International packages, SMS packages, Value Added Services packages and roaming packages.

You can also subscribe unto Family & Friends while enjoying this offer.

Alternatively, you can purchase stand-alone packages until the offer expires and renew the offer.

Where your primary balance is equal to or above GHC3.00 at the end of the 7days, the Service will be automatically renewed. You will receive a message confirming the renewal of the offer.

If you do not have up to GHC3.00 in your account at end of the 7th day, your account on the offer will be suspended for 30 days; a period in which you would be charged the standard rate. When you top-up with GHC3.00 or above within the 30 day period, the Service will be renewed automatically. After 30 days, you will be completely deregistered from the offer and you will have to register again if you want to continue to enjoy the offer.

You can deregister from the offer at any time by dialling *556# and selecting ‘Deregister’.

You will lose all the offer benefits when you deregister.


General Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to send information to you via SMS to the MSISDN supplied by us. These SMS’ may be for information purposes only. We may also send notices to you by way of advertisement in a daily newspaper, SMS, or through the Vodafone Website and/or by using any other suitable means.

You accept that we may disclose or receive personal information or documents about you:

to and from local and international law enforcement or any competent regulatory or governmental agencies to assist in the prevention, detection or prosecution of criminal activities or fraud; 

to and from our service providers or any other company that may be or become our subsidiary, parent company or partner) for reasonable commercial purposes connected to your use of the mobile service or the Vodafone Service, such as marketing and research related purposes; 

to facilitate our ability to fulfil legal, governmental or regulatory requirements; 

By partaking in any activity organized by Vodafone, you agree that we reserve the right to use your image, video footage and any other information captured at the said event for our publications in print, online, TV, etc.

We reserve the right to issue instructions regarding use of the offer as we deem fit from time to time in order to maintain the integrity, quality and safety of the offer for all Subscribers. These instructions shall be binding on the Subscriber and deemed to form an integral part of the offer

The Subscriber is personally responsible for the use of the offer made from Subscriber’s equipment and shall neither use nor permit a third party to use Subscriber equipment, or the offer for: 

sending abusive, defamatory, hoax, offensive, indecent, obscene or menacing messages or communications; or

eavesdropping, intercepting or learning the contents of any message on another person’s device on the Vodafone network; or 

any usage that may cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to any person.

The Subscriber shall not use the offer in a way that infringes on the privacy rights of any other person or with another Subscriber’s enjoyment of any Vodafone Services, or in a way that could interfere with Vodafone network or any other operator’s network.


Limitation of liability

Vodafone accepts no responsibility whatsoever for and without limitation, any error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure when it is not under its direct control.

Vodafone reserves the right to suspend the offer temporarily or permanently for legal, regulatory and for operational reasons (e.g. for repairs, planned maintenance or upgrades) whenever it is deemed necessary. Vodafone undertakes where possible to restore the offer as soon as practicable after any temporary suspension period. Vodafone shall not be liable for any claims, losses or injuries whatsoever the Subscriber may suffer as a result any such suspension


Disclaimer of Warranties

Vodafone makes no warranty, implied or express, that any part of the offer will be uninterrupted and error-free.  

Neither Vodafone nor any of its directors, employees, agents or suppliers shall accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any Subscriber for participating in the offer.



Vodafone reserves the right to terminate, suspend, cancel or amend the offer and these Terms and Conditions at any time. Variations will be notified by way of advertisement in a daily newspaper, SMS, or through our Website and or by using any other suitable means provided that you shall be deemed to have been notified of any such variations regardless that the same may not have actually come to your attention. Any variation in fees shall become effective after 7 days of such publication or notice.

In the event of dispute regarding the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions, conduct and all other matters relating to the offer the decision of Vodafone shall be final and without appeal.

These Terms and Conditions will remain in full force and effect while the offer lasts (not taking into account temporary suspensions of the Service for operational reasons, e.g. for repairs, planned maintenance or upgrades).

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ghana