Can anyone sign up for Vodafone VIM?

Ans: Any prepaid subscriber can sign up for Vodafone VIM

How do I sign up for Vodafone VIM?

Ans: Simply get a Vodafone SIM, top up with a minimum of GHC3 and dial *556# to sign up.  Or with your existing Vodafone SIM, top up with a minimum of GHC3 and dial *556#

What does Vodafone VIM offer?

Ans: Vodafone VIM gives you GHC55 worth of credit to call all Vodafone numbers, GHC1.30 token to call other networks and 300mb to browse the internet. In addition, you receive weekly motivational, self-developmental tips and Youtube links to view tutorials on your selected vocational skill.

What is the validity on the VIM bundle?

Ans: The VIM bundle is valid for 7days

Is the bundle auto renewable?

Ans: Yes, your VIM bundle will auto renew if you have a minimum balance of GHC3 in your primary account when you bundle expires.

Can I re-subscribe to VIM if I exhaust all the allocations before the expire date?

Ans: Yes, you can dial *556# to re-subscribe to VIM 

Can I be on Supreme and also sign up for Vodafone VIM?

Ans: No, you can be on only one plan at a time. You will loss all the benefits on Supeme if you choose to sign up for Vodafone VIM.

Can I buy a data bundle whilst on VIM?

Ans: Yes you can. You can bolt-on data by dialling *700# and select your preferred data bundle.

Can I change my course at any time?

Ans: You can change your course at any point in time but you need to go through all the tutorial videos for one course before you can qualify to stand a chance to win a fully paid professional training or receive start up working tools.

How do I win the fully paid professional training and working tool?

Ans: You must stay active on the offer by viewing all tutorial videos for a continuous period of 12 weeks.  You must send pictures and videos evidencing the practices done through the tutorial videos in addition to stating the reasons why the you should be considered for the loyalty package for the quarter in question. An independent body of judges selected from institutions in the defined vocational sectors shall select the best subscribers per vocational skill.