Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet

Fast and reliable access to the world’s best IP network.

With Dedicated Internet Access, you will never have to share your connection or compete with consumer traffic, thanks to our uncontended service dedicated to business customers.

Our Dedicated Internet Access is ideal if your organisation depends on a reliable connection for business-critical services; VoIP (Voice over IP) services, cloud-based applications, large file transfers, online sales or hosting your own website.

We bring the bandwidth, speed and reliability you need to manage your online assets and communicate without barriers. Websites, intranets, extranets, and application performance is optimised, and there are number of security options to keep everything safe.
We offer a managed and maintained service so you can focus on your core business – we take care of the rest.


An uncontended service

Dedicated internet means you don’t share your bandwidth with anyone else, enjoy consistent internet speed 24/7.

Just the speed you need

Get the same upload and download speeds for uploading content and downloading files. Choose the connection speed that suits your business today, with the opportunity to scale up.

Unlimited access

There are no restrictions on monthly usage or additional charges for large files, making it ideal for hosting your own website, managing email efficiency or supporting business-critical applications.

Higher Service availability as service benefits from multiple core paths for redundancy.

Direct Peering with Tier 1 ISPs ensures lower latency.

With connection speeds from 1Mbps to 1Gbps, you can choose the service that suits your business needs.
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