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Dough Man Foods

Dough Man Foods is one of the most popular doughnut delivery services in Accra. Customers phone up to order their doughnuts and can pay instantly via Vodafone Cash.
Dough Man Foods signed up to Vodafone Cash in July 2017 and since then their business has transformed.

Here’s what Francis (the man behind the doughnuts!) had to say about how Vodafone Cash:

‘I used to prefer dealing in physical cash but once I started using Vodafone Cash this is now my preferred method of payment. I receive payments from customers instantly to my Vodafone Cash till, which is much faster and more secure than relying on my drivers to collect the cash. It also makes my business more transparent as I no longer have to worry about reconciling payments to orders because it’s all recorded automatically.’
‘It’s great for my delivery team too because they no longer need to worry about cash collection. Sometimes if my drivers don’t have the right change, customers will underpay for their doughnuts. Because they now send the exact amount to me via Vodafone Cash, this issue has disappeared. It’s also much safer for my delivery team to drive around without carrying cash on board, so there are big logistical benefits to Vodafone Cash too.’
‘Lastly, earlier this year Vodafone let me run a promotion aimed at their youth customers. We sent a message to their entire youth base offering them two free doughnuts if they ordered from Dough Man Foods with Vodafone Cash. This was great publicity for us and orders via mobile money increased tenfold. After the promotion, our order volumes stayed very high which has been amazing for our business’

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