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Being ready means keeping your business online with a reliable high-speed connection

With Dedicated Internet Access, you’ll never have to share your connection or compete with consumer traffic thanks to our uncontended service dedicated to business customers. And with connection speeds from 1Mbps to 1Gbps, you can choose the service that suits your needs. Dedicated Internet Access is ideal if your organisation depends on a reliable connection for business-critical services, whether that’s simply hosting your own website or using your connection for online sales, VoIP (Voice over IP) services, cloud-based applications or large file transfers. We also offer a range of standard and optional security options to keep you online

Benefits for you and your business

An uncontended service

You’ll get 100% of the bandwidth you’re paying for – dedicated symmetrical circuits ensure you don’t share bandwidth with anyone else, and that your download and upload speeds are the same.


The speed you need

Choose the connection speed that suits your business today, with the opportunity to scale up. A burst option provides extra bandwidth to meet unexpected peaks in demand, while Throttled Ports let you prepare for planned growth.


Unlimited access

There are no restrictions on monthly usage or additional charges for large files, making it ideal for hosting your own website, managing email efficiency or supporting business-critical applications.


Confidently connected

Business-critical applications stay connected thanks to 24/7 support and service monitoring spotting problems before they start, and dual access connections that keep you online



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