Smart Connect

A ready business knows how to prioritize

In a business world that is increasingly reliant on ‘online’ technology, it is easy for your business to become strained with the growing amount of online activity. Video-rich content, hosted desktops, intranet, and email all consume enormous amounts of bandwidth and as such, your company needs a reliable network to keep up with all these data-heavy activities. With Vodafone Smart Connect, you directly have visibility and control of the various applications which run through your network, allowing you to prioritise traffic from your business critical activities. This ensures you are more efficient and productive around what you do as a business

Benefits for you and your business

Increase productivity

Enables the network to prioritise and optimise business-critical and delay-sensitive traffic and applications, improving productivity.

Greater Network Agility

Improved application visibility ensures ‘right sizing’ of the network and easier adoption of new IT initiatives such as cloud services and BYOD.

Reduced Operational cost

Reduce the operational costs of your business through more efficient bandwidth consumption and faster problem resolution.

Scalable and simplified service

No matter the size or complexity of your network, the service is ready to go at any location, application and device.

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