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Being ready means keeping all sectors of your business connected, no matter the location

Stay constantly connected to your employees, clients, buyers, and suppliers from various geographical locations with Vodafone’s Wide area network. Our extensive network coverage across the country gives you the ability to connect to all sites of your business nationwide overvarious media, be it Copper, Radio or Fiber optic cable. You get to choose from a range of service bandwidths to suit your business need

Benefits for you and your business

Flexible and Scalable

You can extend your network and increase your bandwidth as your business grows with Vodafone’s extensive network.


Confidently connected

Enables the network to prioritise and optimise business-critical and delay-sensitive traffic and applications, improving productivity.24/7 support and service monitoring to spot problems before they start and highly skilled service engineers to resolve issues keeping you constantly connected.


Technical Advice

Available Technical advisory service to help tailor solutions according to business need.

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Why Vodafone

  • Innovating to stay ahead
  • Delivering superior customer service and support
  • Offering greater value