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Enterprise Fixed Voice

Fixed Voice Services
Fixed voice lines give extra credibility and trust when communicating with your customers, suppliers and potential business partners. Vodafone fixed voice solution offers competitive rates and the flexibility to choose from a list of post-paid plans.
1. Tailored services to meet customer needs.
2. Sleek and modern terminals which allow you to do more with your fixed lines.
3. Service can be delivered wirelessly through mobile desktop solutions.
4. Can be offered as Direct Fixed Lines or ISDN.(32 channels)
5. Competitive rates
6. Data and voice services delivered on Vodafone’s nationwide fixed network with unmatched speed.

Enhance your fixed voice service with these Value Added Services (VAS):

Voice MailCall forward or diverConference callingCall waiting
Caller number
on display
Caller number non-display
Voice mail box to retrieve messages
Automatically redirect all calls when the handset is in useConnect up to 5 parties on the phone
Don’t miss any important call. Allows you to receive a call when on the phone
Know who is calling before you pick up the call
Hide incoming call IDs for privacy reasons

1. Improves customer communication and ensures calls to your business gets to the right person without hassle.
2. Easy to use and maintain.
3. Easy to expand as your business grows.

Learn more about all the possibilities we offer through our fixed services. Contact us on phone via +233302334040 or email us at to sign up.