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Bundle Sharer

Use one big data bundle across multiple devices enabling them to manage data usage depending on their need even at remote locations! Ensuring you are constantly connected. Track and manage all your devices on one plan, with data that can be shared over multiple devices, no matter what their location! Ensuring you are constantly connected.

Benefits to you and your business

Huge data plans

Can be shared with as many devices as possible. Devices can be fluidly added and removed from sharer plan.


Continuous Data access

Individual devices will not go out of bundle until the Primary data is exhausted, new data packages can also be bought.


Pool of data

All devices connected can feed from the pool of data on the Sharer. The Primary Sharer Data is shared by individual devices on need bases.


Remote Data management

Shortcode is enabled to the check balance on the Primary Bundle, bundle sharer data packages can co-exist with other data packages.


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