Your Connected Business Sites, Our Reliable SpeedLink Solution.

At Vodafone, we care about supporting your critical data and multi-media communications, that is why we created SpeedLink.
This solution offers a reliable and secure connection on Vodafone’s GSM network, which provides a custom-built wireless solution to support cloud and onsite applications to establish connections to devices remotely.

Devices that can connect to Speedlink include:
1. Remote Office Sites & Assets including ATMs.
2. Video conferencing bridges.
3. Live broadcast streaming.
4. Transactional solutions such as electronic point of sale and stock control device connections.

What are the benefits to your business?

Fast and reliable transmission of transactions for remote applications or standalone devices

Secured transmissions particularly for critical company information

Plan and control your communication budget with accessible usage and costs

Enjoy reliable connection to protect your businesses, and access it in real-time.

Send us an email on vodafonebusiness.gh@vodafone.com or call us on 080010000/ 0302334040 to learn more.