Our world is getting smaller, as we all become more connected. Have you ever thought about connecting and monitoring your fleet? If so we have a new product just for you! V-Track is our new Internet of Things product that we have devised especially for our customers who want to centrally manage and control their fleet operations.

Benefits to you and your business

Protect your assets

Management platform has a customisable portal dashboard, allowing administrators to access vehicles and fleet data.

Improve Safety

Detailed reports on driving styles and behaviours to highlight areas for improvement when it comes to fleet safety and driving style.

Real time reports = real time decisions

Quick decisions can be made about fleet movements when required, which can be achieved with V-Track’s history and real time reports.

Transparent reporting

V-Track can detect when a crash has occurred and provides crash reconstruction reports to show how it happened.

More than just a tracker

Our fleet platform V-Track, tracks more than just your vehicles locations. It provides users all the information about their fleet in an easily accessible way. Whether it’s about driver behaviour, fuel consumption or route history, our platform provides all information to get the most out of your fleets.

Fleet Telematics is a cost-effective modular solution designed to gather diagnostic and operating information from commercial vehicles. It transmits information on vehicle location and driver behaviour, while monitoring maintenance issues. It also alerts fleet operators on accidents, breakdowns and thefts.

We enable our customers to identify ways to improve the safety of their drivers, reduce fuel consumption and cut their carbon footprint, which can help them to differentiate and stay ahead of the competition.

Added Advantages

Easy to deploy

The tracking device is installed discretely in the car

Provides valuable and secure data

The data is transmitted securely over Vodafone’s network to a fully hosted and managed vehicle data management platform.

Monitors driving behaviour

Advanced analytics technologies are used to profile driver behaviour. Fleet managers can help their drivers to adopt safer driving behaviours which can also contribute to reduced fuel consumption.

Accessible online

Online web portals enable you are always in control. It also generates highly accurate risk scores and provides precise crash reconstruction reports. Fleet administrators, managers, operators and drivers can access the relevant vehicle and fleet data easily.

Essential support

The management of theft and crash alerts enables the swift intervention of Secure Operating Centres and a direct connection to police authorities.

Please call 0302334040 to discuss the potential that V-Track offers your business with an Account Manager.

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