Being Ready means connecting your machines, devices and appliances to our mobile network, turning them into intelligent assets

With Vodafone Machine-to-Machine (M2M), you can join the ‘connected revolution’, and the growing list of organisations already benefiting from better insights and faster decision-making thanks to real-time information from their connected devices. Vodafone M2M services can help you re-evaluate your supply chains, operational processes, use of assets and the experience you provide for your customers. We’ll help you automate your processes, reducing both risk and costs and identifying the opportunities that will give you a significant competitive advantage

Benefits for you and your business

  • Join the connected revolution

    M2M technology can transform your operations and realise your potential. The information and insight it provides can change business processes, enable innovations and create new revenue streams

  • Be more efficient

    With accurate information delivered in real time, you can make more efficient use of scarce resources, automate routine manual tasks, deliver and both improve and accelerate decision-making

  • Reduce maintenance

    Remote monitoring and analytics will minimise the need for routine maintenance visits. Systems can be maintained and repaired remotely, and your engineers and service teams can manage their time more effectively

  • Understand your customers

    Using the data you collect about your customers you can better understand their needs, developing and improving your products and services to offer an enhanced customer experience for them

Thought Leadership

IoT is an unmissable opportunity

The Internet of Things is one of the fastest growing technologies. It promises to transform your customers’ business. Don’t miss out

Zenith Hygeine Group is a Ready Business

Vodafone and TomTom enable Zenith Hygiene Group to slash fuel and insurance costs and transform driver productivity

How Ready are you?

How ready are you?

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