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A ready business lets the phones do the talking

We live in times where every penny counts. Let us help you stretch that last cedi of your marketing budget to make maximum impact. With Vodafone Corporate Ring Back Tunes, you have the opportunity to make every call your business receives a targeted advertising campaign. Your customers will know about the next big thing you have to offer as it happens

Benefits for you and your business

Self managed marketing

Did you need to launch that product tomorrow? No need to call the advertising agency. Just fire up your CRBT portal and change your tone whenever you want, wherever you are.

Increase brand identity

Customers will have your brand at the top of their minds because every time they call you, it will be the first thing they hear.

Better Customer Engagement

Find another way to start a conversation with your customers. Put your information where it needs to be, with your customer.

Save Money

Studies have shown that customers better appreciate content they have sought rather than advertisement. Save money on marketing by using our cost effective and targeted solution.

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Why Vodafone

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