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Work and communicate wherever your business takes you – with no limits and borders.

If you travel for work or need to keep in touch with customers, suppliers or employees abroad, our business roaming and international calling solutions cover a wide range of business needs.
We offer a range of daily bundles through to monthly bundles, this means you don’t have to lose business because you are away.
International Roaming allows you to use your mobile number to make and receive calls, send text and use data in countries or destinations while you are overseas.

Before you travel abroad, and once you arrive, there are some important information we advise you know.
Before you Travel:

  • Contact customer service on 030 261 1111 or 050 555 111. For Whatsapp, kindly send message to 050 100 0300.
  • Ensure that you have enough airtime.
  • For prepaid customers, roaming is already activated on your SIM. Top-Up to enjoy the service.
  • For post-paid users, kindly visit the nearest retail shop or contact your account manager at least 48 hours before travelling to activate roaming.
  • To check roaming tariff of destination country, send the country name to short code 150. E.g. Send ‘Nigeria’ to 150.
  • You can e-top up at some select shops at the Kotoka International Airport before you travel out of Ghana.

Upon Arrival at Visited Country:
You will get a welcome text from us as soon as you arrive and switch on your phone.
It will tell you how much it costs to use your phone abroad, as well as other useful information. This may vary depending on your phone model.
Your phone should automatically connect to one of the local networks. If this doesn’t happen, you can manually search for a network:
For Android Users:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your phone
  • Choose Connections
  • Choose Mobile Network.
  • Select available network.

For iOS Users:

  • Go to settings on your phone.
  • Choose Carrier
  • Unselect Automatic.
  • Choose from the available networks.

Topping Up Abroad

  • Top up via Vodafone Cash – Dial *110#.

You can always top up your credit in Ghana before you travel, or you can ask family members or friends to do it for you while you are away.

Roaming Packages
When travelling abroad, we want your experience to be without the hassle of getting a local SIM or searching for WiFi.
With Vodafone, we have Prepaid Roaming packages for you to use in selected countries around the world. You’ll have the convenience of taking your phone number with you when you travel abroad.
We have designed packages for 1 day, 3 days or 7 days’ validity. We believe this would serve the length of your travel. You’ll be notified via sms about your usage.


More Predictable Bills

With no additional charges in Europe and a simple per-day rate in our Business Traveller World Zone to take your UK plan with you, you can say goodbye to unexpected roaming charges and bill shock, and a big hello to worry-free roaming.

Roam without restrictions

There are no restrictions on data speeds wherever you are in the world, and we don’t restrict the amount you can use from your plan when roaming in Europe or with Business Traveller. So you’re free to work with no limits – and no borders.

Biggest 4G Roaming Network

We have the biggest 4G roaming network in the world.

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