Does My Business Really Need a Website?


“I’m really not that tech savvy…”

“A website is too expensive to build and maintain…”

“I already have a lot of customers, what difference would a website make…?”

These statements definitely sound familiar, don’t they?

Research has shown that ‘97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses and three in four people who use their smartphones to search for something nearby end up visiting a local business within a day’; according to It is therefore important for your business to be online. You need a website!

Having a business website means you are always close to your customers. Customers can easily access information about your business, your offerings and your values, at all times.

Here are reasons why you need a website;

  • Sell products and services online
    Online sales is one of the trends that was unfolding before the outbreak of COVID-19. The outbreak has undoubtedly, increased this trend, which is expected to continue even after COVID-19. A business website with an e-commerce integration means that you can generate income as a business even when your shop is closed. Your business website can outline your services and display professional images of your products; you do not have to be around all the time to explain what you are offering to the customer.

  • Display reviews and testimonials
    Online reviews and testimonies from customers highly influence the buying decisions of existing and new customers. Since potential customers are already looking for you online, including testimonials on your website is a great way to impress potential customers. These reviews also benefit you and your business, as you get to understand your customers better and use the customer insights to improve your services.

  • You can find new customers near you
    A website is an essential tool for attracting local customers. According to, ‘Eighty-one percent of customers perform online research before making a purchase’. Most of these people who use Google search are looking for something right near them. Once you have a website, you can optimize it for search engines, increasing your chances of appearing at the top of Google’s results to increase your visibility. People visiting your community for the first time, search for the nearest restaurant, pharmacy or even salon, and optimising your business website guarantees visibility for your products and services.

  • Having a Social Media platform is not enough
    You probably think you do not need a business website because you have Facebook and Instagram with good reviews; in any case your business has gotten this far without a website. Well, guess what: your competitors have business websites in addition to the various social media platforms. The social media landscape changes and customers’ interest in a particular platform could change tomorrow. Regardless of your presence on social media, customers would like to access your website because it is always available.

If you intend to do something that would benefit your business in the long run, get a website up and running today. Vodafone Business has a one stop shop solution to bring your business online – quickly and professionally – Visit or call us on 0302334040. Enjoy a FREE promo page website when you sign up for our data and mobile services.

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