One Business


Best value Business team plans; Endless data, talk and text.

One Business is an all-in-one proposition that provides Broadband, Fixed and Mobile Voice, and a Professionally Designed One-Page Website. This package is designed to meet all your connectivity needs conveniently and at an affordable price. By choosing One Business, you can enjoy the benefits of convenience and value for money for your business. Boost your business with Vodafone One Business today!


Office Network
All-in-one connectivity
Vodafone One Business combines Voice, Data, and a Professionally Designed One-Page Website into a single package, simplifying your business’s connectivity needs.

Wifi World
Value for money

With Vodafone One Business, your business and employees are confidently connected with unlimited calls, free voice and SMS allocations for multiple mobile devices, at cost-effective monthly rates.

All Correct

Online Presence
Expand your digital footprint with a professionally designed one-page website, helping your business establish a stronger online presence and reach more prospective customers.