Being Ready means putting ultrafast mobile technology at the heart - and in the hands - of your business

Mobile Data is reinventing the workplace, becoming an essential tool to meet the changing expectations of your customers and employees. In an economy where speed and flexibility are considered the new currency, it’s more important than ever to have the information you want, wherever and whenever you need it. With a fast and reliable connection, Smart Business Data can help your organisation do more

Benefits for you and your business

  • Enhance flexible working

    70% of business leaders we asked believe that flexible working helps retain top talent. The speed and reliability of 3G Data makes this possible for your organisation

  • Fast and dependable

    Our masts are connected by our nationwide fibre network. This gives us the power to control the quality of our signal, and to react and resolve network issues fast, ensuring dependable coverage for your organisation

  • Be more responsive

    With faster connection and download speeds, you can share and edit documents wherever you are. This could save hundreds of valuable hours downloading documents, so you can make faster decisions

  • Always investing

    We’re continuing to invest millions of cedis to build a network which is fit for the future. We’re modernising our masts extending fibre across the country to ensure that you are confidently connected

Case Study

Sekyere Rural Bank is a Ready Business

Keeping Sekyere Rural Bank’s sales team confidently connected to the office was key to their business model and with our Smart Business Data plans, Sekyere Rural bank revolutionised Finance in the Ashanti Region

How Ready are you?

How ready are you?

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