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2 Moorch Business

The No. 1 mobile product for business, Vodafone 2 Moorch Business!

Vodafone 2 Moorch Business is the best mobile plan for businesses in Ghana today offering voice, data and SMS bundles from as low as GHS 5 per line. This solution is designed to enable businesses to build their own mobile plans tailored to their business needs; including minutes for voice, data and SMS.

It also offers data rollover (ability to roll over unused data into the following month) as well as FREE calls among employees in the same organisation, thus fostering communication.

We know that no one understands your business like you do, that is why we have developed Vodafone 2 Moorch Business to enable you build mobile plans, exactly as you want it.

Benefits includes

  • Best value on the market, starting from as low as GHS 5 per line.
  • Ability to build core plan bundles & customise according to your business needs.
  • FREE calls among employees in the same organisation.
  • Rollover unused data to the next month.

How to signup

To signup for Vodafone 2 Moorch Business SMS START to 0507779000 or visit to build a plan for your business. Alternatively, you can email us,  or call us on 0302334040 for assistance.

Experience unmatched value! Sign up for 2 Moorch Business today.

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