Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Numbers

A unique number for your customers to contact you, at no cost to them. The charging will be between the company (you) and the carrier (Vodafone).


  1. Vodafone provides customers who have NCA approved certificates with toll free services for their Vodafone lines.
  2. Toll free numbers can be mapped to a short code or long number.

– Allows your customers to reach and engage with you at no cost to them.

How it works:
When customers call your Toll Free number, they will not be charged. The cost will be borne by you. The charging will be between your company and the carrier (Vodafone). Reverse charging is deployed here where your company will pay (based on current mobile rates)
what the caller would have paid.


Customer is required to have a post-paid Vodafone fixed line number.