Vodafone Cash for Enterprise

Vodafone Cash for Enterprise

We know that managing cash flow is one of the biggest challenges for an SME. Vodafone Cash makes it simple, safe and convenient to manage all things money in your business from your customer payments to your supply chain to help you stay in control.

Signing up to Vodafone Cash couldn’t be easier. So give it a go and see how it can transform your business, just like it has done for Dough Man Foods.

If you’re interested in allowing Vodafone Cash  to help grow your business, print  and fill the form below and simply visit one of our retail stores with:

  1. Valid ID of the business owner
    • Passport
    • National ID Card
    • Voter’s ID Card
    • Driver’s License
  2. Any one of the following valid Business Registration Documents:
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Certificate to Commence Business
    • Tax Clearance Certificate

Once you’ve provided these, we will call you and a Vodafone Cash agent will visit your store with a Vodafone Cash Till and SIM card, train you on how the till works and you’re good to go!

Sim card will be ready within seven (7) working days after receiving all relevant documents from the prospective Merchant.

Let Vodafone Cash transform your business !


Benefits of becoming a Vodafone Cash Merchant include :

  • Increased Business hours allows you to provide longer opening hours to your customers
  • Increased safety in your business location by not accepting cash and also zero need for depositing cash at bank
  • Increased security in your business location owing to the significant reduction in cash handling costs
  • Reduced cases of theft as funds are held electronically

For enquiries please call 591

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Vodafone Cash via mfsproducts&services.gh@vodafone.com