Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the validity of prepaid plans? ?

    All prepaid plans are valid 30 days besides the 15GB and 20GB plans which are valid 60 days.

  • What happens if at the end of validity of the bundle the prepaid user does not have enough credit to renew the bundle?

    If a prepaid user at the end of validity period doesn’t have enough credit to renew the Smart Choice Data bundle chosen, it will be charged the Gp20/MB rate. If within a period of 90 days the credit reaches enough balance, then the Smart Choice Data bundle will be reactivated. After 90 days the customer’s plan is removed.

  • If a customer has a device out of warranty which becomes faulty, can they stop paying for the device bolt-on?

    No, the device bolt-on needs to be paid for the full 12 or 24 months, unless the customer pays for termination charges.

  • Can a customer request a smartphone device with Smart Choice Data?

    Yes the same device bolt-onscan be used to request a smartphone instead of a data-only device. With Smartphones though the MRC rule of smart choice data applies.

  • Can a prepaid user be provisioned to a device bolt-on? ?

    No, devices bolt-onsare only for hybrid and post-paid users.

  • Do SMS bolt-on renew monthly ?

    Smsbolt-on can be renewed monthly if provisioned and the charge appears on bill. When subscribed it will be charged against primary balance and last 30 days, then it won’t be renewed

  • Can my customer migrate to Smart Choice if they still have some months left in their contract?

    A customer to migrate to Smart Choice needs to terminate their existing contract, or pay off the termination fees, and then take a new Smart Choice contract that will last 12 or 24 months

  • Can an existing customer on a data-only sim plan subscribe to a bolt-on? ?

    No, the Smart Choice Data and smsbolt-on work only on customers provisioned on Smart Choice Data plans. Smart Choice bolt-on don’t work on Smart Choice Data plans, and Smart Choice Data bolt-on don’t work on Smart Choice plans

  • What is the charge per SMS if a customer does not have a SMS bolt-on? ?

    The charge is 0.0045Gp per SMS

  • What is the out of bundle charge per MB if a customer does not have a data bolt-on?

    The charge is 0.20Gp per MB.

  • How can customers remove the Smart Choice Data plan? 

    Customers can unsubscribe from a base plan or SMS bolt-on via the provisioning team only to enable us to have full control over our customer base activity

  • When can a customer migrate to a higher data allowance?

    A customer cannot migrate up a base bundle during a month but needs to wait for the 24th of the month to be migrated, with a new billing cycle where there will be full charging and full data allowance. Migrations need to be handled by the provisioning team only on this date.

  • Can a customer migrate from a higher data allowance to a lower one?

    The customer can migrate down only if they have not taken a device bolt-on

  • Can users subscribe to more data or SMS bolt-ons simultaneously? 

    Data bolt-on: users need to finish off a data bolt-on before he can subscribe to another one. SMS bolt-onscan be subscribed multiple times concurrently

  • Can the data bolt-on cross a billing cycle – e.g. if the customer subscribes on the 22nd of the month?

    Yes, the data bolt-on last 7 or 30 days and can cross over a billing cycle. This is also valid for the 30days SMS bolt-ons.

  • If a customer has a data bolt-on, will his data consumption use the base monthly plan allowance or the bolt-on allowance? 

    The 7 days bolt-on allowance takes priority over the base monthly plan allowance. So if a customer has a 100MB of bolt-on and 500MB of base plan, the allowance of the bolt-on will be used first, and when exhausted the base plan allowance will start to be used

  • How can I bundle as a hybrid customer ??

    *528#(Voice & Data) or *5959#(Data only)

  • Length of the contract 

    The contract lasts 12 months unless the customer is taking a 24 months device bolt-on

  • Who can I speak to when I want to change my bundle plan?

    Contact your Account Manager
    Visit any Retail shop
    Email to vbscare.gh@vodafone.com
    Service Manager

  • Can I change my monthly bundle plan?

    Yes but this will need to come as a request from your company to your Account Manger. Alternatively, you can purchase add onson *528#

  • What do I do if I am being charged from my primary account instead of my corporate bundle?

    Call 0800 10000 or
    Visit any Retail shop
    Email to vbscare.gh@vodafone.com
    Service Manager
    Contact my Account Manager

  • What do I do if my CUG is not working? 

    Call 0800 10000 or
    Visit any Retail shop
    Email to vbscare.gh@vodafone.com
    Service Manager
    Contact my Account Manager

  • What qualifies me to be under CUG?

    If the corporate package purchased by my organization has CUG indicated as part of the product offering

  • Does CUG expire?


  • Which people are in my CUG group?

    People in my organization under our corporate account

  • Do I pay for CUG? 


  • What is CUG?

    CUG is also known as the closed user group, which refers group of people who are not charged for calls made in that group

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