Being Ready means building stronger relationships while reducing travel time and costs with Vodafone Video Services

Our high-definition video conferencing services located in our Retail shops mean you can remain connected with your business no matter where you are. We work closely with major providers to offer you the best technology available. And we maintain the highest quality conferencing in Ghana and internationally. With connections carried over our high-bandwidth network, you can enjoy High Definition video and no drops or lags

Benefits for you and your business

  • Make stronger business connections

    Video conferencing lets you keep all of the nuances of face-to-face conversations, so you can enjoy faster decision-making, more productive outcomes and stronger relationships with clients, suppliers and colleagues

  • More than just conferencing

    Explore the potential of video services to help simplify your business. You can use it for everything from demonstrating products to brainstorming sessions, cutting time to market and resolving problems faster

  • Travel less, do more

    Save time and money by cutting travelling costs and unnecessary downtime so you can focus more on what you do well, growing your business

  • Just like being there

    Improvements in High Definition (HD) video and compression technology mean you won’t suffer lags or dropouts, giving you business-quality video communication

How Ready are you?

How ready are you?

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