Unlimited internet. Amazing speeds. Only on Business Broadband.

Vodafone Business Broadband

Continuous, secure and reliable connectivity.

Vodafone Business Broadband is a shared broadband internet service best suited for small businesses and home offices. This package offers  unlimited data usage over our fibre network, creating a worry-free experience at great speeds.  We also offer excellent after-sales support and top class concierge services.

1. Unlimited capacity on our fibre network at great speed.
2. Accelerated Service Level Agreement of 48 hours for Business Broadband customers.
3. Ease of payments – Make bill payments via Vodafone Cash at anytime and anywhere.


Unlimited data
Vodafone Business Broadband is unlimited, so you will never have to top up your data bundle mid-month. Pay one fixed price a month and enjoy seamless connectivity.

After sales support
We offer you dedicated after sales support, with a dedicated relationship manager to ensure any issues, if they ever occur are instantly resolved.

Free Back Data

In the rare instance of service downtime, we offer you free backup data to ensure you remain connected whilst we work assiduously to resolve the fault.

* Mifi may be purchased at an additional cost to receive backup data.

To discuss our Enterprise Broadband packages for your business, contact us on 0302334040 or email us on vodafonebusiness.gh@vodafone.com.