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Vodafone Ghana Foundation, the charity arm of Vodafone Ghana was launched in 2009 to support sustainable initiatives that drive social change, improve people’s lives and solve pressing social needs. At the Vodafone Ghana Foundation we believe that mobile communications can help address some of the world’s compelling humanitarian needs and improve living conditions.

The Vodafone Ghana Foundation also provides a formal process for charitable contributions to be made to communities, community groups and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Ghana who are key partners in responding to social and economic development issues in the country. The vision of the Foundation is  ‘To be regarded as the most caring Telco brand in Ghana, by empowering and giving access to tools and facilities that support sustainable social change.

The Foundation has introduced a number of initiatives to drive its new strategic objective of becoming a technology-oriented Foundation, combining charity work with technology to deliver transformational projects that improve and enhance the living conditions of Ghanaians

The Foundation is funded by Vodafone Ghana and the Vodafone Group Foundation, and managed by a board of trustees

Key Projects include;

  • Healthline
  • Instant Schools
  • Charitable Donations


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