Healthline is Vodafone Ghana’s flagship Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme that educates Ghanaians on pertinent health-related issues and encourages healthy lifestyle practices among the populace.

The 13-episode television show covers various topics such as bones, tumour, cancer, pregnancy, mental health, hypertension, diabetes and sex. Healthline has over the past eight years contributed significantly to promoting a healthy society as experts from various medical fields take turns to educate viewers and debunk health myths. Additionally, Vodafone through the Healthline TV show offers life-saving surgeries for deprived patients across the country with critical medical conditions, by fully sponsoring the cost of surgery and treatment.

The programme lends credence to Vodafone’s status as a purpose-led brand that truly cares about the health and well-being of the people and communities it serves and is fully committed to championing sustainable initiatives that drive social change and improve lives.

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