What is Data Sharer
Data Sharer is a service that allows you as a small business owner to buy and share various data bundle sizes with your employees according to their data needs. With Data Sharer, it is One plan for One Company for all Staff.

How do I get the Data Share
Simply dial *5959# or call us on 080010000 or 0302334040.


How do I  manage my account
You can manage your account very easily via USSD (*5959#). You can add remove, modify and view your member list and allocation as well as usage per line

How do I add member
Through the *5959# USSD
Dial *5959#
Choose 4 (Data Sharer)
Choose 2 to add member

What do we mean by Parent number?
A parent number is the one that purchases the bundle

What do we mean by child number account?
A child number is the one the data is shared with

Are there any fees involved in the setting-up process?
No. It is absolutely free to register!

Is there a maximum limit a parent number subscriber can take?
A Parent number can add up to 9 numbers

How many Data Sharer packages can I purchase at a time?
One at a time however, you can re-bundle anytime the bundle finishes even before expiry.

How do I manage the contacts I put on the list to share the package with?
Contacts can be managed by adding, modifying, removing, viewing member list and usage on allocations given.

How do I subscribe to the Data Sharer package?
By dialling the USSD short code *5959#. Choose Data sharer


How do I check my data allocation as a child number?
As a child number you cannot check for your quota of the sharer data, but what a child number can check for is the remaining of his/her personal bundles and bolt-ons subscriptions. A child can check his remaining balance by dialling *124#.

How many subscription packages can I choose from?
There are five packages available starting from GHS 140.

Can I belong to two or more groups at a time?
No, you cannot be member of more than one group. You can however be removed by a parent and added to another group.

Does Data Sharer allow other numbers from other networks?
No it is only applicable to Vodafone numbers.

Can a child number be removed by a child number itself?
No, only the parent can remove a child number

Can a Data sharer package be purchased with Vodafone cash?
Yes, you can buy airtime from your VF cash account and buy the bundle

How do I check for my Data Share  balance?
Only parent number can check balance he/she has the bundle . A parent can check by dialling *126# or *124#

Can a parent number pull back child remaining bucket?
Yes the parent can do that by modifying the data allocation of the child.

Can a parent number leave the sharing group?
A parent cannot abandon its own sharing group by leaving

Can a parent account be a member of another sharing group?
No a parent account cannot be a member of another sharing grou