1. How much does the Vodafone Smart Mini 7 cost?

The Vodafone Smart Mini 7 is currently going for GHC150

2. How many SIMs can the phone accommodate?

The Samsung Galaxy A2 Core, A10 & A20 are all dual SIM smartphones

3. How can a customer purchase the device?

Any interested customer would simply have to visit the nearest Vodafone retail shop for the phone

4. Does the device support WhatsApp & Facebook?

The device is a quality smartphone that can support many
Social media applications including WhatsApp, Facebook
& Twitter

5. What other benefits of the phone can I enjoy from Vodafone?

After purchasing the device, the customer is entitled to 1GB of
data each month for twelve (12) months to access WhatsApp, Facebook
& Twitter.

6. Great, how do I get this data?

The free data for these devices can only be redeemed on MyVodafone App. Customers can redeem the data via the process below;

  • Open Menu
  • Go to Topup
  • Click on Device Data to redeem allocation