Are you someone who can’t sleep, do you love to browse the internet when it is quiet and binge watch your favourite series and movies? The Night King Data Offer is just right for you. Below are our amazing Offers.

Product NameSizePriceValidityCode
Night King 12GBGHS 2.1512am - 4am*700*71#
Night King 27.5GBGHS 5.4012am - 4am*700*72#
  • Night king offers may be purchased at any time during a 24-hour day.
  • Night king volumes can ONLY become available for use between midnight (00:00:00GMT) and 4am (04:00:00 GMT).
  • All Night King offers, regardless of the time of day they were purchased or used, will expire at 4am.
  • Night King offers are allowed to co-exist with other *700# bundles, as well as integrated bundles like Vodafone X and Red.
  • Customer can only hold one Night King offer at a time. One will always replace the other.
  • Night King offers cannot be rolled over.