Data Sharing
Have you ever wished you could transfer your fixed broadband data onto your mobile device? Wished you could travel anywhere in Ghana with your fixed broadband? The hustle is now OVER! Vodafone Fixed Broadband now gives you the choice to share data from your broadband to your Vodafone mobile even miles away from home.

YES! You have the power to share your fixed data, anytime everywhere. Just link your Fixed Broadband account with a Vodafone mobile number, share data to mobile and continue to enjoy your data away from home.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This offer is available to customers on Browser, Streamer, Webmaster, Downloader, Office and any of the VF One Family plans.
  2. Customer is allowed to link only ONE Vodafone mobile number to their broadband account at a time.
  3. Only Active monthly bundles can be moved to the linked Vodafone mobile number. Hence, bonus and roll over bundles cannot be moved to the linked mobile number.
  4. Customer can move Data to linked mobile number and at the same time, move from the mobile number to the fixed broadband account.
  5. The linked Vodafone mobile number can only be changed after 30 days of linking.
  6. Customers will receive a 5-digit security code on the existing broadband contact number via SMS, during the linking process.
  7. Browsing charges on the mobile device will be the same as browsing from the fixed broadband.
  8. Moving ALL data from your Fixed Broadband to your mobile will render your Fixed Broadband INACTIVE. Hence, you must ensure there is some amount of data on your fixed broadband to keep it active till the expiry date.
  9. Customers CANNOT move data from the mobile number to back to the fixed broadband when the broadband account is inactive.
  10. Customers can check their linking details on *900#, Self-care portal and MyVodafone App.
  11. SMS notification will be sent to customers for successful pairing and data movements.

Why Choose Broadband

  • Best Value BroadbandWe offer most reliable and widest coverage across all major cities in Ghana.
  • Widest Landline coverageNever miss a call with a landline in your home or office.
  • Wi-Fi for the whole familyYou the convenience to do more online by connecting your broadband to any smart device.
  • Premium entertainmentWe offer the best of TV content for your viewing pleasure on phone, table, smart TV and laptop.

Our Payment Channels

  • Pay with Vodafone CashBy dialing *110#
  • Pay with VISA or MasterCardOnline
  • Pay with cashAt any Vodafone Retail Shop or at our partner banks.