Enjoy more entertainment, connectivity and controls


Enjoy more entertainment, connectivity and controls

Smart Home Devices

Get amazing smart devices for your entertainment, security, control and connectivity in your home on Vodafone fixed broadband.
  • Ring Smart Doorbell

    Ring Smart Doorbell

    Real-time video monitoring and playback of your doorstep. Detect motion, receive notifications and communicate with visitors

    Price: 1,574.00

  • Ring Smart alarm

    Ring Smart alarm

    24/7 real-time mobile alerts with motion sensors and door & window alarms

    Price: 2,078.00

  • Philips Hue Smart bulb

    Philips Hue Smart bulb

    Remote controlled energy saving bulbs with brightness adjustment feature

    Price: GHS 201.00

  • Meross Smart Power Strip

    Meross Smart Power Strip

    Timed remote control over Wi-Fi with colour-coded outlets

    Price: GHS 271.92

  • Android TV Box

    Android TV Box

    Stream Netflix, Showmax and all your content directly to your TV from your phone, tablet, PC.

    Price: GHS 692.00

  • Wyze Smart Camera

    Wyze Smart Camera

    Keep your eyes on your home wherever you are from your smart phone. Comes with 24/7 real-time video recording and night vision

    Price: GHS 421.00

  • Exo-Mesh Wi-Fi extender

    Exo-Mesh Wi-Fi extender

    Connect up to 50 devices at a go with superior coverage and no dead spots

    Price: GHS 1,706.00

  • Google Home

    Google Home

    Your personal home assistant, controlling all your smart devices, hands-free

    Price: GHS 525.00

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