Enjoy 100% and 200% data bonus in addition to your existing bundle to access, download and stream all your favourite content, across all your smart devices this Christmas for you and your family

    Unlimited calls from your Vodafone landline to ALL Vodafone numbers, both Landline and Mobile

    Enjoy all your favourite movies, series and Live TV+Sports this Christmas with a 30-day DSTVNow & Showmax subscription

Our Payment Channels

  • Pay with Vodafone CashBy dialing *110#
  • Pay with VISA or MasterCardOnline
  • Pay with cashAt any Vodafone Retail Shop or at our partner banks.
Terms and Conditions

2 Moorch Christmas Offer:

1.This promo offer is a supplementary (add-on) bundle that can be subscribed on top of the primary bundle.

2.Customers can only subscribe to this supplementary bundle only if they have an active core bundle.

3.The bonus data takes the validity period of the current monthly bundle and expires with the monthly bundle.

4.The bonus data will have priority over the core bundle.

5.The bonus data cannot be rolled over.

6.The bonus data cannot be moved to your mobile number.

Find the bonus data allocations per each bundle package below:

PricePromo ChargeMonthly Data
Bonus Unlimited Landline Calls
30-day Showmax Subscription
VFOne Family Small12010047100%Included-
VFOne Family Medium220100207200%IncludedIncluded
VFOne Family Large350100466100%IncludedIncluded
VFOne Family Extra Large8001001035100%IncludedIncluded