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Our prepaid packages are suitable for homes and small-to-medium offices. The prepaid packages include:
Calling PlansCalls to VodafoneCalls to Other NetworksIDD Calls to UK, US, Canada
Landline Basic
GHc 10
250 minutes15 minutes60 minutes
Landline Standard
GHc 20
550 minutes35 minutes120 minutes
Landline Extra
GHc 50
1700 minutes90 minutes250 minutes

Customers enjoy UNLIMITED weekend calls to Vodafone lines on all packages
Ways to Top-up
  1. Dial 134 to to-up with a scratch card on your landline & 124 to check your balance or,
  2. Top-up using Vodafone Cash on *110#, select 3, 1, 3, then enter your phone number & follow through.


Customers can subscribe to any of our calling plans using USSD short-code *900# on any Vodafone mobile number, select 3, 3, enter phone telephone number, then follow through the prompts.

Terms and conditions of the Prepaid Packages

  • Every Landline package is active for only 30days.
  • Re-bundling is automatic after every 30days. Hence, customer must have a minimum of GHs10 to stay active.
  • Customer’s line will be rendered inactive after 120days without any landline package



These packages are suitable for businesses. Pick any of our post-paid packages for great convenience.

Voice Post-paid PlansCalls to VodafoneCalls to Other Networks
GHc 10
95 minutes25 minutes
GHc 20
260 minutes40 minutes
GHc 50
720 minutes180 minutes
GHc 100
1600 minutes400 minutes
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