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With Vodafone Fixed Broadband, you always get MORE. By just making 2months advance payment for your Vodafone fixed broadband, you get to enjoy a whopping 25% EXTRA data each month. You can now enjoy all the exciting movies, series, stream live football matches, play games and even do more on the internet.

Make payments via any of our payments channels below to enjoy this incredible offer.

Terms & Conditions

  • Customers on the Browser, Streamer, Webmaster, Downloader, Office, Browser Basic and Evening & Weekend plans will be eligible for this offer.
  • Customers need to make 2months advance payments, which is twice their current plan price to qualify for the offer.
  • Customers will receive extra 25% of their monthly data allocation for each month.
  • Exhaustion of data start with the extra 25% bonus, primary data and roll-over data.
  • Customers will immediately receive their first 25% extra data on the payment day, whilst the next 25% would be given exactly a month after the payment was done.
  • All unused bonus data at the end of each 30day will be lost and the customer will revert to the core bundle.

Our Payment Channels

  • Pay with Vodafone Cash

    By dialing *110#

  • Pay with a scratch card

    Online or by dialing *900#

  • Pay with VISA or MasterCard


  • Pay with cash or cheque

    At any Vodafone Retail Shop

    or at our partner banks.

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