Red Postpaid

Red Postpaid


Acceptance of the Terms of Use

  • The following provisions define the terms and conditions governing the Product. By subscribing to the usage of this Product, the Subscriber shall be deemed to have consented and agreed to these Terms and Conditions and be bound accordingly.
  • All Subscribers warrant that they have read carefully and have understood fully these Terms and Conditions.
  • These terms and conditions are in addition to the standard terms and conditions of the Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited , which can be found on our corporate website (



General Terms and Conditions

Price point Vodafone Calls Other Networks Data(GB) IDD SMS
Hot 50 2000 300 1 50 200
Classic 100 5000 700 2.5 100 200
Silver 200 7500 1200 4 200 300
Gold 300 8000 1600 6 400 300
Platinum 400 10000 2500 8 600 500

  1. Definitions

Words in these terms and conditions that are in bold font have the following meanings:

Actual usage means Contracted service limit and any excess units consumed by you

Charge means the price that Vodafone will charge you for the services.

Contract means this agreement between us, which is made up of these terms and conditions and the registration form.

Equipment means the SIM card and any of your equipment that you use to access the services.

Installation charge means the charge for installing a service.

NCA means the National Communications Authority, which regulates the telecommunications services in Ghana.

Network means Vodafone’s telecommunications network, which is used to provide the Service.

Port means when you transfer a mobile number to another service provider, as allowed by law.

Registration form means the Vodafone form that you complete in order  to receive the service. It includes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Service means any service that Vodafone provides, including mobile SIM Cards, Broadband and any other Vodafone service.

Us mean you and Vodafone.

User guide means a document produced by Vodafone or an equipment manufacturer, which describes how equipment or a service should be used.

Vodafone means Ghana Telecommunications Service Limited, a company incorporated in Ghana..

You means the individual, company or other legal entity named on the registration form.

Interpretation note for Vodafone Consumer Business: You may allow your employees to use the services, but this Contract remains between you and Vodafone, and you remain responsible for ensuring that your employees comply with these terms and conditions and for paying all charges for their use of the service.

  1. Performance of Vodafone’s Network
    1. Vodafone will connect the Service in accordance with these terms and conditions, and will endeavor to make the service available to you.
    2. Because of the nature of the Service, it may not always be available, as it can be affected by geography, physical structures, atmospheric conditions, and other circumstances. The Service may fail or need maintenance without notice.
  • Vodafone will not be liable for any disruption to the service for the reasons mentioned above, or if Vodafone has to interrupt, suspend or terminate the Service because of a legal or regulatory order.
  1. Vodafone will provide you with a telephone number of its choice, for your sole use with the services. If you port the number, you can continue to use it for as long as the number stays active, but if the number is disconnected then it will go back to Vodafone, for Vodafone to re- allocate. You cannot transfer the number in any other way.
  2. Vodafone may change your telephone number(s) for operational, technical or legal reasons, without any liability or need to compensate you.

  1. Contract Term

This Contract starts on the date that you sign the registration form, or when you start using the service, for a period of 12month.The Contract renews and continues until one of us writes to the other, giving 30 days’ notice of termination, or until it is terminated in another way allowed by these terms and conditions.

  1. Billing and payment terms
  1. For Hybrid usage, Vodafone will issue SMS notifications, e-bills and hard copies of your bundle charge every month. The billing cycle starts from 25th of the Month to 24th of the following month. Depending on the time of month you signed up to the service, a prorated bill will be generated for payment on 24th of the month.
  2. Vodafone shall require you to pay one (1) month of your Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) as Security Deposit which will be set aside to cater for bill
  • You shall pay each bundle charge on a date not exceeding the 20th of every month, beyond which your bundle will be stopped if it remains unpaid for one (1) month continuous. In this case, your one-month security deposit shall be used to offset this cost
  1. If you reasonably and in good faith dispute a bill, you shall notify Vodafone of the dispute in writing within 14 days of receipt of the affected bill, providing details of the alleged billing discrepancies.
  2. If your objection is about part of your bill, Vodafone shall require you to pay the part that you have not objected to by the due
  3. After the due date of bill has passed, you are understood to have accepted it and you may not raise any objection to
  • If you have not either paid your bill or made a written objection to it by the due date, Vodafone will remind you that payment is due. If you still do not pay the amount due, Vodafone may:
  • suspend all Services that it provides to you, under this Agreement;
  • take other steps to avoid loss or damage; and
  • terminate this Contract without notice when it remains unpaid for two (2) months; all without paying you
  • You cannot offset any Charge against any money that Vodafone owes to you from a different transaction
  1. Hard copies can be obtained at the retail shop at an administrative fee

  1. Charges
  • Vodafone will charge you a bundle price as communicated to you for the services, unless different prices are specified in this Contract or are notified to you immediately before you use the service.
  1. If Vodafone reduces its bundle prices, it may at the same time vary any discount that is applicable to you before the price reduction and vice versa.
  • Any changes to charges and tariffs will apply from the date that the change was advertised or notified.

  1. Suspension and disconnection

Vodafone may suspend your service, or part of it, without notice, for any valid reason. Valid reasons for suspension include (amongst others) you taking part in, or allowing, any activity that Vodafone believes

  1. Breaches a law or regulation that applies to service, or
  2. Has, or is likely to have, a negative effect on the service or the network.
  • Activities that could negatively impact the quality of the service or the network may include (amongst others) using the service to make calls to or from any mobile gateway, ‘SIM box’, VoIP bypass or any similar or related
  1. Customers travelling outside the country will have to pay the cost of the bundle received after which subsequent bundle will be stopped for the following
  2. Vodafone shall also take all other available legal action, if it identifies usage with a negative impact on the network or services.
  3. If Vodafone knows or has reason to believe that your use of the service is illegal, Vodafone will either (a) write to you or require that you stop all illegal usage, or (b) terminate the service, without any liability to you.
  • Vodafone may also take the action described in point (vi) above if it suspects that you:
  1. Have breached any term of this Contract, or are likely to do so; or
  2. Provided inaccurate or incomplete information relating to this Contract.

If the Contract is terminated in this way, you will still need to pay any sum of money due to Vodafone under this Contract.