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Red Hott Data - Vodafone Ghana

  • New subscriptions to this offer will be closed effective 16th February, 2019.
  • This offer allows you to enjoy
    • 2000mins to call Vodafone numbers
    • 280mins to call other local networks
    • 30mins to call USA, Canada and UK fixed lines
    • 4.5GB data to browse the internet
    • 20 SMS to local networks
  • This offer lasts for 30 calendar days.
  • The cost of subscribing for the offer is sixty Ghana Cedis (GHS60).
  • After successful registration, you will receive a message welcoming you to the offer as well as confirming the exact offer benefits and the duration of the offer.
  • If any of the allocated minutes are exhausted before the end of the 30days, you can still call Vodafone and other networks at a rate of 11p/min and 13p/min respectively for the rest of the period. Alternatively, you can re-subscribe and renew the 30day cycle. IDD to USA, Canada and UK fixed lines calls can also be made at standard rates.
  • If you use all the data allocation before the end of the 30days, you can still browse for the rest of the period at standard PAYG rates (12.5p/MB).
  • If you use all the SMS allocation before the end of the 30days, you can still text for the rest of the period at standard rates (5.5p/SMS).
  • Alternatively, you can purchase stand-alone packages until the offer expires and renew the 30days  cycle.
  • Where the credit balance in your primary account is equal to or above GHS60 at the end of the 30days, your offer will be automatically renewed on expiry. You will receive a message confirming renewal of the offer.
  • If you have unused minutes for calls to other networks and data at the time of expiry, these allocations will be rolled over to the next month if you auto renew.
  • If you do not have up to GHS60 in your account at the 30th day, your account will be suspended for 7 days; a period in which you would be charged the standard network tariff fee. When you top-up to the value of GHS60 or above within the 7 day period, the offer will be automatically renewed. After 7 days, you will be completely deregistered from the offer and you will have to register again if you want to continue to enjoy the offer.
  • On the 25th day after subscribing to the offer, an SMS will be sent to you that the 30-day offer is about to end. You may be encouraged to register for other attractive value offers or to renew your current offer.
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