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Supreme Value Monthly - Vodafone Ghana



All new and existing Subscribers shall, in using the Vodafone Supreme Monthly service, be deemed to have consented and agreed to receive such Service on these Terms and Conditions and be accordingly bound. These Terms and Conditions can be found on our Vodafone website (, at authorized retail shops and accredited agencies or institutions.


These Terms and Conditions are in addition to specific terms and conditions for each product under Vodafone Supreme Monthly as well as standard terms and conditions for Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited mobile services which could be found on our website. (



Use of the Service

Vodafone reserves the right to issue instructions regarding use of the Service as it may from time to time be considered necessary to maintain the integrity, quality and safety of the Service for all Subscribers and such instruction shall be binding upon the Subscriber and be deemed to form an integral part of the Service.

The Subscriber is personally responsible for all use of the Service made from Subscriber equipment and shall neither use nor permit a third party to use Subscriber equipment, or the Service for:

  1. sending abusive, defamatory, hoax, offensive, indecent, obscene or menacing messages or communications; or
  2. eavesdropping, intercepting or learning the contents of any message on another person’s device on the Vodafone network; or
  • any usage that may cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to any person.

The Subscriber shall not use the Service in a way that infringes on the privacy rights of any other person or with another Subscriber’s enjoyment of any Vodafone Services, or in a way that could interfere with Vodafone network or any other operator’s network.




“Stand Alone Packages” mean the other services of Vodafone Ghana apart from Vodafone Supreme Monthly

“the Subscriber” shall mean the person who uses the Vodafone Supreme Monthly.

“We/Us/Our” means   Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited (Vodafone Ghana)

“You” refer to the Subscriber.

This offer allows you free minutes to call any Vodafone number, browse the internet and 100% Bonus Credit on all top ups


General Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer lasts for 30 days
  2. Your bonus credit is available for on-net/off-net calls, & SMS (local & international). Bonus cannot be used for roaming and IDD calls.
  • It will cost GHC14.99 if you wish to register on this offer
  1. You can register by dialling 5996 or USSD *7070#. When you dial 5996 or *7070# a GHC14.99 registration fee is automatically deducted from your credit balance. You must have a minimum credit balance of GHC14.99 in your primary account before you can register for this offer.
  2. After successful registration, you will receive a text message welcoming you to the offer as well as confirming the exact offer benefits and the duration of the offer.
  3. This offer is for Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Customers only
  • On the midnight of the 30th day, you will lose all unused accumulated bonuses and unused on-net minutes.
  • You are limited to 1000 minutes for on-net calls, 100 minutes off-
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