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Sika Kesie - Vodafone Ghana


Terms & Conditions




This promotion is organised by Ghana Telecommunications Company trading as Vodafone Ghana and hereinafter referred to as “Vodafone”). All Participants in this promotion warrant that they have carefully read and fully understood these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are subject to Vodafone Ghana’s general Terms and Conditions.


1                    Duration & Participation


1.1              VODAFONE SIKA KESE3 PROMO (the “PROMO”) is an SMS based trivia and subscription service. The PROMO takes place from 1st October, 2018 to 31ST March, 2019 (“PROMOTION PERIOD”). Throughout the course of the PROMO, participants gather points by answering multiple choice questions. Points correspond to entries in the prize draws.

1.2                Means of Participation


The PROMO has three levels of participation:


  • Free Standard Participation
  • Premium Participation
  • Personality Tests Infotainment service


The Free Standard and Premium Participations shall be jointly referred to as the “Trivia Game”. Personality Tests (“Infotainment Service”) subscribers will continue enjoying the service after the PROMO period. Throughout the span of the service, different infotainment services may be promoted in the same manner.


Free Standard Participation


Become a FREE STANDARD PARTICIPANT in order to enjoy the Trivia Game and participate in the weekly & final draws, free of charge. To become a FREE STANDARD PARTICIPANT, you are required to send the keyword, ‘FREE’ to the short code 560 or dial the USSD Code *560#. Participation in the FREE STANDARD TRIVIA does not attract any service charges. Every SMS sent to or received from 560 or call to *560# will be free of charge


Premium Trivia Participation


A subscriber can become a PREMIUM PARTICIPANT by subscribing to the optional subscription service which allows subscribers to participate for bigger prizes. Subscription to this level of participation is at a daily charge of GHc 0.75 until the promo ends.


To become a PREMIUM player, a subscriber must dial the USSD *570# or send the keyword ‘VIP’ or ‘OK’ to the short code 570. This will generate a welcome SMS and subscription SMS if successfully charged, GHc 0.75 daily subscription fee. Only upon receipt of the subscription SMS will a subscriber be deemed a participant. No charges will apply until the aforementioned subscription process is completed. A subscriber can become a PREMIUM PARTICIPANT by responding to the SMS prompts sent out to the FREE STANDARD PARTICIPANTS.


For the entire duration of promo, the PREMIUM PARTICIPANT will be automatically sent one SMS daily (SUBSCRIPTION SMS) through 570 short code adding him to the corresponding MONTHLY & FINAL PREMIUM draws at a daily charge of GHc 0.75 (including all taxes). In order for a PREMIUM PARTICIPANT to be eligible for the prizes within a specific period, the subscriber must have been successfully charged GHc 0.75, at least once within this period.


All SMS sent to 570 is free of charge.


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