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Vodafone 90 Minutes - Vodafone Ghana


    Terms & Conditions




    This promotion is organised by Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited trading as Vodafone Ghana and hereinafter referred to as “Vodafone”. All Players in this promotion warrant that they have carefully read and fully understood these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are subject to Vodafone Ghana’s general Terms and Conditions.


    1                    Duration & Participation


    1.1              Vodafone 90 Minutes Football Promotion (the “PROMO”) is a subscription based SMS trivia. The PROMO takes place from 1st January, 2019 to 30th June, 2019 (“PROMO PERIOD”). Throughout the course of the PROMO, players gather points by answering multiple choice questions about Football in general. Highest points correspond to selection and awarding of winners.

    1.2                Means of Participation


    Players in the PROMO (“Player” or “Players”) will answer trivia questions via SMS. To begin, Players will dial *544# to initiate the PROMO menu. Players can also initiate to join promo directly by dialing *544*1#

    The items on the PROMO menu are as follows:


    • Join Promo
    • Check Your Points
    • Stop Promo
    • Help


    Join Promo: Players select this option to initiate subscription and start their participation in the PROMO. A daily subscription fee of GHc 0.60 is required from Players. This will automatically be deducted once a day. Once this daily subscription fee has been successfully deducted from Player’s credit, it will unlock unlimited questions till midnight. Between the time of successful deduction and midnight, a Player can answer as many questions as they are able to. However, Vodafone, at its sole discretion, may limit the maximum number of questions that every Player can answer in the PROMO within a specific period.


    A successful daily charge automatically gives a Player 20 points. A correct answer gives a Player 10 points. A wrong answer gives a Player 5 points.


    Check Your Points: This feature allows Players check how many points they have accumulated so far in the PROMO. Players can also dial *544*2# to access accumulated points information directly. Points information is sent to Player via text.


    Stop Promo: This feature cancels a Player’s subscription to the PROMO. By using this feature to initiate unsubscription, a Player agrees to the following changes to their status:


    • An end to the daily subscription fee deductions.
    • Inability to continue receiving and responding to questions.
    • Ineligibility for any prize that has not already been earned at the time of unsubscription.
    • forfeiture of all accumulated points in the PROMO, with no opportunity to have points restored, even when they choose to return to the PROMO.


    Help: Players receive a summary of PROMO mechanics, as well as a link to the PROMO Terms and Conditions.


    • Participation in the PROMO and any winnings are subject to these rules, which will be interpreted by Vodafone at its discretion. Vodafone reserves the right to amend these rules at any time during the PROMO period. Vodafone will not be required to provide any reason for such alteration and no customer will have any claim whatsoever against Vodafone, associated companies and their advertising and PROMO agencies. All information, rules or conditions relating
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