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Weekend Offer - Vodafone Ghana

Free Weekend is an offer that gives back to subscribers the same value of their spend during the week [Monday- Friday] on weekends [Saturday-Sunday] for Vodafone to Vodafone calls, texting and browsing.

·  You can register on this offer by dialing 525
·  Registration unto this offer is free
·  This offer is for Prepaid Mobile Customers only
·  After subscription, every amount you spend during the week will be given back to you automatically at mid night on Friday. You will receive an SMS informing you of your bonus amount received

·  Your Free Weekend bonus amount can only be used for Vodafone [voice, SMS and data] only.
·  All calls will be made at a rate of 16p/min
·  You will lose your unused bonus amount after Midnight on Sundays
·  You will need to top up to call other networks during the weekend if you do not have credit in your primary account.
· Should you exhaust your bonus credit before the end of the weekend, you can still make calls and send SMS at the standard rate provided you have sufficient credit in your account.

·  You can deregister from the offer at any time by dialing 9090
·  You will lose all the offer benefits, including your remaining bonus amount at any time of deregistering from the offer.
· You can also subscribe unto Family & Friends while enjoying this package. The free weekend offer benefits will however take higher priority over the registered Family & Friends offer benefits. Family & Friends benefits will apply when free weekend benefits are exhausted.

· You can still enjoy free night calls with the first minute charged at a rate of 16p. The free weekend bonus amount will however take high priority over the free night calls.

· Once you subscribe on this offer, you cannot enjoy the benefits of any other Vodafone tariff plans (offer) at the same time. To enjoy any other Vodafone promotional offer, you will have to deregister from the current offer; by either activating the new tariff offer (by dialing the direct code number of the new offer) or unsubscribing (by dialing the de-registration code number) and then subscribing to the new offer.

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