SafeNet Insurance

SafeNet Insurance

SafeNet is an initiative by Vodafone Ghana, working with MicroEnsure, Enterprise Life and Prudential Life to provide insurance cover to Vodafone subscribers. SafeNet offers an initial 6 month period of Free Insurance cover for hospitalization, life and accidental permanent disability to all subscribers who activate the product during any promotional period. Subscribers can activate the product by dialling *592# to activate on USSD, or by sending “Yes” to SMS short code 592, or by calling 592 to speak to an Agent. The amount of cover you earn in any given month is based on your airtime recharge in the immediate past month (ref: cover table below).

A subscriber needs to be at least 18years and at most 75years to be eligible for the product. All policies are automatically renewed unless cancelled by the subscriber. Hospital cash can be claimed up to a maximum of 2 times during the Free insurance period, however only one claim is admissible per month.

Multiple event cover (3-in-1) i.e. Hospitalization, Accidental Permanent Disability & Life.


Customer Monthly Top-up/ Recharge BandLife CoverAccidental Permanent Disability CoverHospital Cash CoverHow is it paid?
GHS 0 - 4.99GHS 250GHS 250GHS 10Lump sum
GHS 5 - 9.99GHS 500GHS 500GHS 25Lump sum
GHS 10 +GHS 1,000GHS 1,000GHS 50Lump sum

Your benefit amount is based on your Airtime top up/recharge for the previous month as shown in plans in table above.

There is no premium payable. The product is Free to the Customer

Term of Assurance
Monthly cover; Each Subscriber is eligible to enjoy up to six months of free insurance cover


  • Vodafone Subscriber who is aged: 18 – 75 years (inclusive)
  • The registered name for insurance shall be the registered owner of the Vodafone SIM Card /Number

Waiting Period

  • 1 month Waiting Period for all events except for events arising as a result of an accident.
  • Your Waiting Period begins from your first cover month.

Claims Notification

  • 6 months to report claim event from the date the incident occurs
  • 12 months to present all claim documents from the date the incident occurs
  • Call 592 to report a claim

Claims Procedure

  • Claim Notification
  • Submission of required documentation
  • Verification of documentation/claim
  • Claim payout

Personal data/Data Protection
By subscribing to SafeNet, subscribers agree for your personal data to be shared with MicroEnsure, Enterprise Life and Prudential Life for the sole purpose of administering your insurance cover


  • The insured may nominate to cancel their insurance cover at any time by calling 592
  • If cancelled prior to the expiration of the Free cover period you will not be able to come back on the Free Insurance Product.

Death, Accidental Permanent Disability or Hospitalisation that arises as a result of Abuse of drugs/alcohol, attempted suicide, suicide, participation in criminal activity.

Double Insurance
No one subscriber shall be covered more than once on multiple numbers. Only one subscriptions shall be acknowledged per person