Business Products & Services

Customer to Business (C2B)

  1. Customers can pay bills such as utilities, rent and school fees remotely, without having to wait in line
  2. Cashless collections increase transparency and efficiency and eliminate cash risk for the business.
  3. Donations and Dues


Business to Business (B2B)

  1. Using Vodafone Cash for cash collections along the supply chain can eliminate security risks and eliminate the cost of insurance, transport and staff needed to sort, account , reconcile and deposit cash collected.


Buy Goods

  1. Customers can pay by Vodafone Cash at retailers, obviating the need to carry cash. Retailers benefit from digitized transactions, reduced cost of cash reconciliation, handling and better controls.



  1. For online purchase


Business to Customer (B2C)

  1. Organizations can disburse salaries, wages, allowances, loans, promotions and more to their workforce and customers via Vodafone Cash, increasing transparency, efficiency and eliminating cash risk.


Government to Persons Disbursements (G2P)

  1. Governments and International Organizations can disburse salaries, pensions, subsidies and benefits to their employees and beneficiaries. Payers can choose to limit the use of funds to maximise effectiveness.


Special Payments


  1. Organizations can disburse special vouchers to specific people. These vouchers can only be redeemed at specific points and for specific purposes. Eg. Agricultural tools, mosquito nets , food stamps etc