Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


These are the terms and conditions upon which you may use the Vodafone Cash Services (as defined herein) provided by
Vodafone Cash, the acceptance of which constitutes a binding contract between yourself and Vodafone Cash, an independent
financial services company incorporated to provide electronic money financial services. When you activate the service you agree
to abide by these Conditions of Use. You therefore need to read and fully understand these Conditions of Use and where
necessary seek an independent opinion, if you do not agree with them you must not proceed to use the Vodafone Cash Services.


The following definitions relate to these Conditions of Use:
1.1. “Account” means your Vodafone Cash Account, being the record maintained by us of the amount of E-Money from
time to time held by you and represented by an equivalent amount of cash held by Vodafone Cash on your behalf.

1.2. “Agent(s)” means person(s) registered by Vodafone Cash to provide Vodafone Cash Services, details of which may
be obtained from Vodafone Cash‘s Head Office.

1.3. “Charges” means the fees and other charges payable under the Conditions of Use for the Vodafone Cash Services.

1.4. “Conditions of Use” means these terms and conditions as may be varied by us from time to time.

1.5. “Credit Balance” means the amount of E-Money held on your account from time to time.

1.6. “Credit Transaction” means any transaction which results in your Account being credited with E-Money as verified
by Vodafone Cash.

1.7. “Customer” means you or any other person in whose name an Account for Vodafone Cash Services is registered.

1.8. “Customer Call Centre” Vodafone Ghana Centre which Customers can call to raise issues with Vodafone Cash

1.9. “Debit” means the movement of funds out of your Account.

1.10. “Debit Transaction” means any transaction which results in a Debit of E-Money from your Account as verified by
Vodafone Cash.

1.11. “Designated Payee” means any person (including yourself, another Customer or a Merchant) who is designated by
you by SMS, to be the recipient of E-Money from your Account.

1.12. “E-Money” means the electronic money issued by Vodafone Cash and representing an entitlement to an equivalent
amount of cash monies held by Vodafone Cash in respect of the purchase of such electronic value.

1.13. “Enhanced Customer” a customer who provides the additional registration information required, who then has
access to higher transaction value limits.

1.14. “Fees” means actual charges for use of the Vodafone Cash Services as published on the Vodafone Cash Website
and in Vodafone Cash Outlets which may be varied by us from time to time.

1.15. “Force Majeure” any event including acts of God, Governmental decisions or any causes beyond reasonable
control of Vodafone Cash.

1.16. “Goods and Services” means such goods and services as may be purchased from Merchants using Vodafone

1.17. “IVR” Interactive Voice Response system which customers may use to perform Vodafone Cash Transactions.
1.18. “Medium Customer” a customer who provides the additional registration information required, who then has access
to medium transaction value limits.

1.19. “Merchant” means a seller of Goods and Services who accepts E-Money in payment for Goods and Services.

1.20. “Minimum Customer” a customer who provides the registration information required, who then has access to
minimum transaction value limits.

1.21. “Mobile Equipment” means your Mobile Phone and SIM Card or other equipment which when used together
allows access to Vodafone Cash Services and, in each case, is approved for use in Ghana.

1.22. “Mobile Phone” means your mobile phone handset.
1.23. “MSISDN” means the Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number issued to you with the SIM Card for accessing the Vodafone Network.

1.24. “Network” means the Global System for Mobile telecommunication (“GSM”) system operated by Vodafone Ghana and covering those areas within Ghana as stipulated from time to time by Vodafone Ghana.

1.25. “Outlet” means any shop, unit or other retail premises operated by an Agent.
1.26. “Payments” means money paid to an Agent, for the purchase of an equivalent amount of E-Money sums credited to your Account.

1.27. “PIN” means your Personal Identification Number being the secret code you choose to access and operate your

1.28. “Pre-paid Airtime” means mobile phone calling credit on Vodafone Ghana’s Network.

1.29. “Price Guide” means a catalogue published for the Fees payable for the Vodafone Cash Services, as updated from
time to time.

1.30. “Registration Form” means the registration form containing personal registration details for Enhanced customers only.

1.31. “SIM Card” means the Subscriber Identity Module which when used with the appropriate Mobile Equipment enables
you to use the Vodafone Cash Services.

1.32. “SMS” means a Short Message Service consisting of a text message transmitted from one Mobile Phone to another.

1.33. “Start Key” means the one-time 4-digit PIN sent to you on registration for the purpose of activating your Account.

1.34. “Transactions” means any of the transactions specified in Clause 7.5.

1.35. “Transfer Instructions” means instructions given via SMS for the transfer of E-Money from one Customer to

1.36. “User Manual” means a document describing the Vodafone Cash System and its use.

1.37. “Vodafone Cash’s Head Office” means Vodafone Cash, Manet Towers, Tower A South Liberation Link, Airport
City, Accra, Ghana.

1.38. “Vodafone Cash Services” means the services provided by Vodafone Cash for the issue and redemption of EMoney
and the transfer of E-Money between Customers on the basis of Transfer Instructions. Services include the
recording of all Transactions, verifying and confirming of all Transactions concluded and updating of Customer
Account records.

1.39. “Vodafone Cash System” or “Vodafone Cash” means the proprietary cellular phone money transfer service which
is marketed, managed, and operated exclusively by Vodafone Cash in Ghana.

1.40. “Vodafone Cash Website” refers to the Vodafone Cash section of the Vodafone Ghana website http://www.vodafone.com.gh.

1.41. “Vodafone Ghana” means Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited that provides mobile network services.

1.42. “Vodafone Retail Shops” means Vodafone branded outlets.

1.43. “we” or “us” or “our” means Vodafone Cash.

1.44. “you” or “your” means the Customer.


2.1. Any Vodafone Ghana Customer may register for the Vodafone Cash Service provided they have an active Vodafone
Ghana SIM card.

2.2. The Vodafone Cash Service is limited to three accounts per Customer.

2.3. You will be liable to pay Vodafone Ghana for all network costs incurred while using the Vodafone Cash Service. You
will also be liable to pay applicable Fees for your use of the Vodafone Cash Services and such Fees may be
deducted directly from your Vodafone Cash Account.

2.4. You may register for Vodafone Cash Services with any Vodafone Cash Agent in Ghana. To become an Enhanced
Customer, you must register at a Vodafone Retail Shop.

2.5. To become a Vodafone Cash Minimum Customer, you will be required to provide the following information:-

2.5.1. Your full name

2.5.2. Your physical address

2.5.3. Your date of birth

2.5.4. Your Nationality

2.5.5. Your mobile number

2.5.6. Confirmation of your identification

2.5.7. Any additional information which we may require from time to time

2.6. To become a Medium Customer, one of the following forms of identification is required in addition to the information in Clause 2.5 above:-
2.6.1. Passport
2.6.2. Drivers Licence
2.6.3. Voter ID
2.6.4. National ID

2.7. In addition to the information required under Clause 2.5 above, an Enhanced Customer shall be required to provide
any one of the following pieces of documents:
2.7.1. A bank statement
2.7.2. A utility bill
2.7.3. A tenancy agreement
2.7.4. A reference letter from an existing Enhanced Customer
2.7.5. An income tax certificate
2.7.6. An employer reference letter

2.8. In the case of a foreign national, in order to become a Vodafone Cash Customer, a valid passport must be provided
as proof of identification.

2.9. Customers under the age of 16 are only allowed access to become a Minimum Customer and must register with the
information as detailed in Clause 2.5 above.

2.10. In the case of a registered business, please contact a Vodafone Retail Shop for further information on registration.

2.11. All information provided must be complete and accurate in all respects.

2.12. We may decline your application at our sole discretion.

2.13. We may refuse to open an Account for you if we are not satisfied with proof of your identity.

2.14. Upon activation of your Account by the input of the Start Key you will upon choosing a secret PIN, be entitled to use
the Vodafone Cash Services with immediate effect and this constitutes an acceptance of the Conditions of Use.


3.1. The Vodafone Cash Services are made available to you subject to the following limitations:-

3.1.1. Although we will try to ensure that you are able to make full use of the Network to access Vodafone Cash
Services within the coverage area, we do not guarantee that the Vodafone Cash Services will be available at
all times and we will not be responsible or liable for any loss whatsoever or howsoever arising as a
consequence of any non-availability of the Vodafone Cash Services. The Vodafone Cash Services are not
fault free and factors including (but not limited to) natural disasters, geographical topography, weather
conditions, planned maintenance or rectification work on the Network may interfere adversely with the quality
and provision of the Vodafone Cash Services.

3.1.2. In the event of damage to, loss or theft of the SIM Card, you are obliged to inform us immediately of such
damage, loss or theft. We will then disable such damaged, lost or stolen SIM Card so as to prevent further
use of the Vodafone Cash Services until the same has been replaced. A replacement fee will be applicable
and you will be responsible for all Fees and Transactions effected up to the time of receipt by us of your
notification of the damage, loss or theft. Notification of any such damage, loss or theft may be given by
telephoning the Customer Call Centre or visiting a Vodafone Retail outlet. You hereby indemnify us against
any claims made in respect of any Transactions effected with your Mobile Phone and SIM Card prior to such
notification being received.

3.1.3. Please note that the confidentiality of your communications via our Network is not guaranteed. You are
advised that for reasons beyond our control, there is a risk that your communications may be unlawfully
intercepted or accessed by those other than the intended recipient. We cannot accept any liability for any
loss, injury or damage whether direct or consequential arising out of any such unlawful interception or access.

3.1.4. You accept that we may disclose or receive personal information or documents about you:- to and from local and international law enforcement or any competent regulatory or governmental
agencies to assist in the prevention, detection or prosecution of criminal activities or fraud; to and from our service providers (including Vodafone Cash, Agents, Merchants or any other
company that may be or become our subsidiary, parent company or partner) for reasonable
commercial purposes connected to your use of the mobile service or the Vodafone Cash Service,
such as marketing and research related purposes; to facilitate our ability to fulfil legal, governmental or regulatory requirements; and to our lawyers or auditors or to the applicable court in connection with any legal or audit proceedings
(notwithstanding that any such proceedings may be of a public nature).
3.1.5. You agree to comply with any instructions that we may give you from time to time about the Vodafone Cash

3.1.6. With the exception of calls made to our Customer Call Centre and to other designated toll free numbers, a
minimum call charge may be levied in accordance with the applicable GSM Fees.

3.1.7. Your calls, emails or SMS’s to the Customer Call Centre may be monitored or recorded for use in business
practices such as quality control, training, ensuring effective systems operation, prevention of unauthorized
use of our telecommunications system and detection and prevention of crime.

4.1. You are deemed to have accepted these Conditions of Use as amended from time to time and which take effect:-

4.1.1. Upon Registration; or
4.1.2. Upon the initial activation of the Vodafone Cash Services by use of your Start Key.

5.1. We may suspend (bar), restrict or terminate the provision of the Vodafone Cash Services (in whole or in part) and/or
close your Account without informing you and without any liability whatsoever (although, we will, where possible, try
to inform you that such action is or may be taken) under the following circumstances:-

5.1.1. if we are aware or have reason to believe that your Mobile Equipment or the MSISDN/PIN number used in
relation to the Vodafone Cash Services is/are being used in an unauthorized, unlawful, improper or fraudulent
manner or for criminal activities (or has been so used previously);

5.1.2. if you do not comply with any of the conditions relating to the Vodafone Cash Services including these
Conditions of Use;

5.1.3. if you notify us that your Mobile Equipment has been lost or stolen or your PIN has been lost or disclosed to
any other party;

5.1.4. if you do anything (or allow anything to be done) with your Mobile Equipment which we think may damage or
affect the operation or security of the Network or the Vodafone Cash Services;

5.1.5. force majeure;

5.1.6. Where we close your Account under Clause 5.2.

5.2. To access Vodafone Cash Services, your SIM Card must be operational (“active”) at all times. If your SIM Card is in
inactive for a consecutive period of 6 months your Vodafone Cash Account will automatically be closed by Vodafone
Cash and any E-Money standing to the Credit of your Account will be paid to you in accordance with Clause 5.4.

5.3. We will also close your Account upon receipt of your request to close your Account or upon you porting your
MSISDN to another GSM network provider.

5.4. Where the use of your PIN has been suspended or disconnected or your Account closed any Credit Balance in your
Account will be repaid to you in cash upon your presenting yourself at our Vodafone Retail Shop at any time. You will
only be paid any Credit Balance in cash upon satisfactory evidence of your identity being produced.

5.5. We will not be responsible to you for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages arising from any act or
omission by us or any third party for whom we are responsible, whether arising in contract, or statute, if we close or
suspend your Account in in accordance with this Clause 5.

6.1. Fees as published are payable to Vodafone Cash for each Transaction effected from your Account. The Price Guide
is available from Vodafone Cash Agents, the Vodafone Retail Shops or by accessing the http://www.vodafone.com.gh.

6.2. Fees payable on each Transaction will be deducted from your Account by Vodafone Cash on conclusion of each
Transaction and your new balance shall be notified to you by SMS.

6.3. Fees are subject to applicable levies and taxes at the prevailing rates.

6.4. All Fees payable by you in connection with the use of the Vodafone Cash Services shall be debited from your
Account without further reference to you.


7.1. All Debit Transactions from your Account will be effected by Transfer Instructions authorized with the PIN which you
choose when you register, or by such other method we may prescribe from time to time. Proof of ID will be required
before any Transaction can be effected and the ID presented will be recorded by the Agent on each Transaction.

7.2. Your Account will be credited when you purchase E-Money by making Payments or when E-Money is transferred to your Vodafone Cash Account from another Customer and all such amounts will be held by Vodafone Cash to your

7.3. You may/Shall not effectuate any Transactions from your Account in the event that you do not have sufficient EMoney
in your Account to meet the value of the Transaction and Fees applicable thereto.

7.4. The Vodafone Cash System will verify and confirm all Transactions effected from your Account by SMS to you. The
Vodafone Cash System records will be taken as correct unless the contrary is proved.

7.5. On being provided with an Account, you will be able to effect the following Transactions:-

7.5.1. Effectuate a Credit Transaction by making a Payment in cash directly to an Agent in exchange for an
equivalent amount of E-Money to be credited into your Account. Upon a Credit Transaction being made, the
Vodafone Cash System shall credit your Account accordingly.

7.5.2. Effect a Debit Transaction by:- The exchange of E-money for cash at any Agent by sending a Transfer Instruction to Vodafone Cash
pursuant to which the Agent will pay the equivalent amount of cash to you. The transfer of E-money to another Customer by sending a Transfer Instruction to Vodafone Cash,
specifying the amount to be transferred. The purchase of Vodafone Pre-paid Airtime or Data Bundle for yourself or a third party by sending a
Transfer Instruction to Vodafone Cash for the corresponding amount of E-Money to be sent to
Vodafone Ghana as the Designated Payee. Where you or the third party has borrowed airtime
under the Vodafone SOS Credit service, the airtime credited to you or the third party or any
outstanding amount thereon shall first be recovered from the airtime or data bundle you
purchased and the remainder, if any, shall be credited to your airtime account or that of the
third party as the case may be. The purchase of Goods and/or Services from Merchants by Transfer Instructions via Vodafone Cash
of the amount to be transferred to the Merchant’s Account in settlement for the Goods and/or
Services purchased. Upon any Credit Transaction or Debit Transaction being effected, the Vodafone Cash System shall
update your Account for completed transactions and new balance.

7.6. Any Transaction which is not concluded within 7 days of the Transfer Instructions first being given will automatically
be cancelled and an SMS notification sent via Vodafone Cash of the cancellation shall be sent to the Customer.

7.7. The Vodafone Cash System will confirm every Transaction made by way of SMS together with an updated balance
of your Account.

7.8. Any Debit Transactions given using the PIN will be charged to the Account. You acknowledge that, unless and until Vodafone Cash receives notice from you that your PIN, is no longer secure and/or that your Mobile Equipment has
been lost or stolen, Vodafone may rely on the use of the PIN as conclusive evidence that a Debit Transaction has
been authorized by you, even if it is actually made without your authority. Vodafone Cash shall not require any
written confirmation of any Transaction Instruction.

7.9. You are unable to reverse any Transaction that has been completed in error. If a completed transaction has been
sent to the wrong recipient, you may contact the Customer Call Centre or go to the Vodafone Retail Shop to initiate a
reversal of funds. We will not accept any responsibility where we are unable to reclaim funds on your behalf.

7.10. You can only operate your Account in Ghana.

7.11. Each Transaction will be issued with a unique receipt number that is included in the confirmation SMS sent to you
with an updated balance of your Account. This receipt number is used to track and identify all Transactions carried
out on your Account.


8.1. When you opt for this functionality, Vodafone Cash shall block all attempts to transact with merchants that have identified themselves with it as gambling merchants only. In the event that a merchant undertakes gambling activities without informing us about such activities, we shall not be able to block transactions to the merchant. Payments in the form of
winnings, withdrawals or refunds shall not be affected by the gambling opt-out functionality.

8.2. You must activate the gambling block per account. In the event that you have different numbers on the network, activating the feature on one does not automatically activate for the remainder. Thus, you must activate the feature for all your accounts on the network.

8.3. In the event that you intend to turn off the gambling opt-out feature, Vodafone shall allow 48 hours as a cooling off period within which the Gambling Opt-out will still be active. The request to turn off the feature shall be effected within 24 hours after the cooling off period.


9.1. Only one PIN Number can be linked to your Account at any time.

9.2. Only you may use your Mobile Phone and PIN Number.

9.3. You are responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of your Mobile Equipment, your PIN, your Start Key and for
all Transactions that take place on your account using your PIN.

9.4. You should not under any circumstances disclose your PIN to any person including Agents, Vodafone Retail Shops
or the staff at the Customer Call Centre.

9.5. You will be responsible for all applicable Fees for any Transaction effected including calls made on our Network
using the Mobile Equipment whether those calls were made by you or someone else with or without your authority or

9.6. You are solely responsible for any transmitted material and or communication, which is classified as defamatory,
illegal or in breach of any copyright and shall indemnify and keep us indemnified against any claims and expenses
made against us in respect thereof.

9.7. You must not use the Vodafone Cash Services to commit any offence(s) against the laws of Ghana.

9.8. You consent to the display of your first name for the purposes of being sent money by any person through your
Vodafone Cash account.

9.9. You consent and hereby authorize us to use or share the data or other related Know Your Customer (KYC)
information provided by you on your GSM or Vodafone Cash with the appropriate authority or with our partners or
affiliates or service providers or any person to improve upon the Vodafone Cash Service for marketing purposes and
to comply with our regulatory requirements or obligations under the laws of Ghana.

9.10. We reserve the right to issue instructions regarding use of the Vodafone Cash Service as we may from time to time
consider necessary to maintain the integrity, quality and safety of the Vodafone Cash Service for all Customers and
such instruction shall be binding upon you and be deemed to form an integral part of the Vodafone Cash Service.


10.1. We reserve the right to vary at any time and without prior notice to you these Conditions of Use or the Fees.
Variations will be notified by way of advertisement in a daily newspaper, SMS, or through our Website and or by
using any other suitable means provided that you shall be deemed to have been notified of any such variations
regardless that the same may not have actually come to your attention. Any variation in fees shall become effective
after fourteen (14) days of such publication.

10.2. By continuing to use the Vodafone Cash Services you shall be deemed to have agreed to the variations
communicated under this Clause 10. If you do not accept any of the variations then you should not continue to make
any Transactions otherwise you will be deemed to have accepted such modifications.


11.1. Vodafone Cash hereby declares that it holds all Payments received in respect of the Purchase of E-Money or
transfers of E-Money into your Account for you and for your benefit and that you shall be beneficially entitled to all
those amounts standing to the credit of your Account. You agree that Vodafone Cash may treat the records of the
Vodafone Cash System as conclusive evidence of the amount of E-Money at any time standing to the credit of your
Account. Vodafone Cash is not bound to make any independent investigation of your beneficial entitlement to the
amounts. You further agree that, in relation to any payment to you in respect of your entitlement to the amounts, we
may act on instructions given by you using your PIN or instructions purported to be given by you using your PIN even
if they are actually given by a third party.

11.2. You acknowledge that Vodafone Cash shall have no obligation to invest the amounts other than by way of holding
the same in the account. You further acknowledge that, to the extent that any interest accrues on the Account, you
shall have no beneficial entitlement to such interest and Vodafone Cash shall be entitled to retain such interest to
defray its own costs and expenses and/or to pay the same to Vodafone Ghana towards the costs and expenses of
operating the Vodafone Cash System and/or to pay the same to such charitable cause(s) as the Vodafone Cash may
in its absolute discretion determine.


12.1. In the event that we are compelled to change or reassign your telecommunications numbering to meet regulatory
requirements or for any other reason our liability will be limited to retaining your Account and where possible,
transferring your Account to a new MSISDN, failing which you will be paid out the Credit Balance standing in your
Account in cash.

12.2. To the maximum extent permissible by law we exclude warranties of all kinds, either express or implied.
12.3. All Agents are no more than independent Outlets authorised by Vodafone Cash or an approved Vodafone Cash
Agent Aggregator to provide Vodafone Cash Services and no agency relationship exists between Vodafone Cash
and the Agents and we accordingly bear no responsibility or liability for any default or negligence on the part of the
Agents in providing the Vodafone Cash Services.

12.4. We shall not be liable for any loss which you suffer unless it is directly caused by our being gross negligent, wilful
default or deliberately acting wrongly. If we do act negligently or wrongly, we shall only be liable for the amount of the
loss that a normal Customer in your position would have suffered and not any loss which results from your particular
circumstances, even if we know that your circumstances are unusual.


13.1. These Conditions of Use (as from time to time may be amended) forms a legally binding agreement, binding on you.
The Vodafone Cash Service is personal to you and not transferable or binding on your personal successors or
assigns. Upon your demise, outstanding balance in our E-Money account will be paid to your personal representative
or administrators.

13.2. No failure or delay by either of us in exercising any right or remedy hereunder shall operate as a waiver thereof, nor
shall any single or partial exercise of any right or remedy prevent any further or other exercise thereof or the exercise
of any other right or remedy.

13.3. The rights and remedies herein provided are cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by law.

13.4. If any provision of these Conditions of Use shall be found by any duly appointed arbitrator, court or administrative
body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable the invalidity or unenforceability of such provision shall
not affect the other provisions herein and all provisions not so affected by such invalidity or unenforceability shall
remain in full force and effect.

13.5. It is your duty to acquaint yourself and to comply with all applicable requirements and restrictions imposed by the
Government of Ghana and other applicable authorities including the Bank of Ghana and the National
Communications Authority (NCA) relating to the use of the Vodafone Cash Service .

13.6. Information contained in any promotional material advertisement and publicity campaigns are for information
purposes only and shall not form part of these Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge that you have not relied on
or been induced by any such material into subscribing to the Vodafone Cash Service.

13.7. You must immediately notify us of any change of details as submitted on the registration form including e-mail
address, residential and postal address. Vodafone Cash bears no liability or responsibility whatsoever for your
refusal to update us of any change in your registration details.

14.1. You may obtain a balance enquiry and/or query any transactions effected using your Mobile Equipment.
14.2. Printed statements of your Account can be provided at a cost to you upon request.


15.1. We are not responsible for any loss arising from any failure, malfunction, or delay in any Network, Mobile Equipment,
the Internet or any of its supporting or shared networks, resulting from circumstances beyond our reasonable control.


16.1. We are entitled to send information to you via SMS to the MSISDN supplied to us. These SMS’s are for information
purposes only. We may also send notices to you by way of advertisement in a daily newspaper, or through the
Vodafone Cash Website and/or by using any other suitable.

16.2. You should send any notice to us at our chosen address: Managing Director of Vodafone Cash, Vodafone Cash,
Manet Towers, Tower A South Liberation Link, Airport City, Accra, Ghana.

17.1. You will be responsible for payment of all our expenses in the case of any dispute, including legal fees, collection
fees and tracing fees.

17.2. A certificate signed by any of our managers (whose appointment need not be proved) showing the amount you owe us is sufficient proof of the facts stated on the certificate, unless the contrary is proved.

17.3. We will not be responsible to you for any indirect, consequential or special damages arising from any act or omission by us or any third party for whom we are responsible and whether arising in contract, statute or tort.

17.4. You must notify us immediately of any change of your details in your registration details. Vodafone Cash will not be
responsible for any loss or damages arising from your failure to update your registration details.

17.5. You agree that your information, including your personal information, your conversations with our Customer Call
Centre and your Transactions will be recorded and stored for record keeping purposes for six (6) years from date of
closure of your Account.

17.6. All copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights used as part of the Vodafone Cash Services or
contained in our documents are owned by Vodafone Cash or its licensors. You agree that you acquire no rights


18.1. These Conditions of Use are governed by the laws of Ghana.

18.2. Any disputes arising from or in connection with the present Conditions of Use shall first be resolved through amicable solution; failure in which case the dispute shall be finally resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act, 2010 (Act 798) or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force. Each party shall appoint one arbitrator and the two arbitrators so appointed shall jointly appoint an Umpire,
within 60 days of the notification of a dispute. Such arbitration shall be conducted in Accra in accordance with the
Rules of Arbitration, as amended from time to time.

18.3. To the extent permissible by law, the determination of the Arbitrators shall be final, conclusive and binding upon the
parties hereto.

18.4. Notwithstanding Clause 18.2, either Party shall have the right to file any action necessary in any court of competent
jurisdiction to seek specific performance, an injunction or other equitable relief to restrain the other as a remedy for
any actual or threatened breach.