Getting Started Guide

vodafone cash
Register for Vodafone Cash

1. Visit any mobile money agent or Vodafone retail shop or

2. Call the Vodafone helpline by dialing 100 or

3. Text "Register" to 558 or dial *558# for self registration

*You will be required to present a valid Ghana Card as part of the registration process

Activate your account

1. Dial *110#

2. Select 0 to activate and follow with your secret PIN

3. Enter PIN again to confirm

Screenshot of My Vodafone App
Loading your Vodafone Cash Account

You can load your vodafone Cash Wallet at a:

1. Mobile Money agent or at a Vodafone Retail shop or

2. Move funds from your bank account to your Vodafone Cash wallet

Screenshot of My Vodafone App
Send e-money

1. Dial *110#

2. Select 1: Send Money

3. Select recipient type

4. Follow prompts

Screenshot of My Vodafone App
Buy Airtime and Data

1. Dial *110#

2. Select 3 and follow the prompt